BioShock Infinite collectibles locations guide

Complete guide of all 141 in-game collectibles, in order, with video locations.

80 Voxophones.
30 kinetoscopes and 7 telescopes.
24 Infusion Upgrades.

1. The Season Pass adds 5 additional infusion upgrades. These also count towards the 24 needed.
2. You can go back to find collectibles you missed from the main menu's chapter select (but trigger an auto save before quitting).
3. Some Kinetoscopes are repeated in the game. If you use one you've already watched, it will not count.
4. The 25th Infusion Upgrade is the shield you get given during the story.

Collectibles list

Telescope: Fort Franklin Pier Kinetoscope 22

After getting back together with Elizabeth (after she rescues you with a tear - the blimp), turn around. A telescope is behind where you start.

Fort Franklin Gear 14

After getting back together with Elizabeth (after she rescues you with a tear - the blimp), turn around (and see Kinetoscope 22). Next to the telescope is a ship/gondola. Unlock the door and find a gear and silver bar inside.

Kinetoscope: Worker Induction Center Kinetoscope 23

As soon as you enter the center, turn to your left. A Kinetoscope is on the wall.

Worker Induction Center Voxophone 36

Go into the main hall area. You'll find this Voxophone behind the counter of the office on the left.

Worker Induction Center Infusion 12

When you come across an office that needs 5 lockpicks to pick, do it. Infusion upgrade inside.

Worker Induction Center Voxophone 37

Go to the lower level. There is a room marked Employees only, with the elevator. Before using the elevator look to the right to find it inside some lockers.

Plaza of Zeal Gear 15

On top of Chen Lin's shop. Next to a sniper rifle under the sign. Use the freight hooks to get up.

The Great Chen-Lin,... Voxophone 38

In Chen Lin's shop in the Plaza of Zeal (before you enter the next area) you will find a Voxophone on the counter.

Plaza of Zeal Gear 16

The Handyman you fight (before going to the club) will drop a gear box.

Plaza of Zeal Voxophone 39

In the Plaza, find the suspended cargo in the far corner. The Voxophone is leaning against a few boxes in the corner.

Kinetoscope: Good Time Club Kinetoscope 24

As soon as you enter the club, go up the stairs. On the landing/platform is a Kinetoscope.

Good Time Club Infusion 13

On the bottom level of the club, find the dollar machine at the back. In the adjacent room is an upgrade.

Kinetoscope: Good Time Club Kinetoscope 25

After the club fighting, go to the lower level and past the toilets. At the back wall is a Kinetoscope.

Good Time Club Voxophone 40

In the club, after the club fights, go through the stage door exit. Enter the nearby dressing room. You'll find the Voxophone on the left side.

Good Time Club Voxophone 41

After obtaining the Plaza of Zeal code book you'll have to go through the interrogation room. The Voxophone is on a small table outside.

Good Time Club Gear 17

After you pass the projector room and Voxophone 41, you will need to unlock a cell. Unlock the cell on the opposite side (5 lock picks) to find a gear box inside.

Good Time Club Gear 18

Before leaving the club, go to the upper level. Before going though the double doors to go back up to the Plaza, go to the right and find the office. There is a Gear and safe in the office. With other supplies.

Kinetoscope: Good Time Club Kinetoscope 26

After experiencing the first tear, go back out of the club. Next to where Kinetoscope #24 was, is a new Kinetoscope (opposite side of the landing).

Plaza of Seal (Return) Infusion 14

Use the code book you find in the Good Time Club to open the hidden doorway inside a locked building. (Alley leading onto some shipping crates, behind main plaza.)

Return to the Plaza of Zeal Voxophone 42

Find the locked building in the alley off the Plaza and use the code book to open the hidden safe. The Voxophone is inside.



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