BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1

Audio Diary, Infusion, and Gear locations

1. For all 17 audio diaries, you will need to collect quite a few lockpicks.
2. Gear locations are always the same, however the actual gear you get is random.
3. Reloading a checkpoint (be careful!) can mean you get a different gear if you're after something specific.

Audio Diary 1

Near the beginning of the game in Market Street, before entering the High Street - enter a shop on the right and look behind and below the counter.

"Doing well by doing good.."

Audio Diary 2

In the High Street shop Maison Vosges. Head into the back of the shop, it is in a changing room.

"Observation #33"

Audio Diary 3

Inside the diner called The Watched Clock. The entrance is next the The Golden Rule, opposite Cohens. Go into the back kitchen. This gives you the code for the next Diary.

"The goddamn people"

Audio Diary 4

Come out of The Watched Clock and use the code from the previous diary to open the Maintenance door on the left (before getting back to the High Street).

"Offer of employment"

Gear 1

After you use the Tram, go past the daily bread and up the stairs. Go left into the room with a turret. Behind the turret is a gear. On the table next to the turret is a lock pick. Now go to the Daily Bread with this lock pick.

Audio Diary 5

Opposite the turret you just encountered is a crawl space. Go inside and the diary is in an open box.

"Left behind"

Infusion 1

Enter the Daily Bread, behind the bar is an infusion.

Audio Diary 6

As above. In the Daily Bread behind the bar, under the counter.

"The old bear"

Gear 2

Lower floor of The Daily Bread, behind a bench/booth. To the right of the bar.

Gear 3

Go up past the frozen statue. You need to use the air hook to get to upper level. You will come across some splicers fighting. On the counter under the Workmans wear sign in front of you.

Gear 4

Enter the Haberdashery. Changing rooms in the back by the turret.

Audio Diary 7

As above, in the Haberdashery changing rooms.


Audio Diary 8

Use the Home Delivery Elevator. Go into ladies wear and then into Jewelry. You will need 3 lock picks to enter the back room. This will give you the code to the storeroom.

"Message in a bottle"

Infusion 2

Opposite the room in Jewlery with the diary, by the mannequins.

Gear 5

Go up the stairs to shoes department. Follow around to left to find locked store room. On the counter before turret.

Audio Diary 9

As above, in the storeroom. Go past the turret into the back part of the storeroom.

"Insufficient postage"

Audio Diary 10

Return outside. Use sky rail to go upstairs and go into the plasmid department. Open the safe with 3 lockpicks.

"False advertising"

Infusion 3

In the same safe as above. Now go get Shock Jockey.

Audio Diary 11

Jack Frosts souvenirs. Go behind the office and use shock jockey on short circuited security door.

"A gift from Fontaine"

Gear 6

As above. In the office.

Gear 7

Go down the sky rail and shock jockey the short circuited elevator, to reach lower floor. Look behind and below the elevator at the bottom for a safe, corpse and gear.

Audio Diary 12

Enter Pret A Porter. At back in changing room. Past the rocket turret and Samurai.

"Ghost in the machine"

Infusion 4

As above. Pret A Porter changing room.

Audio Diary 13

After Tram enter the Bistro. Downstairs on kitchen counter. This is where you first see the Radar Range weapon

"The Kiss"

Audio Diary 14

Come out of the Bistro. In the middle of this area is a broken elevator. Inside this is a diary. The diary has the code for the locked room holding the Radar Range. You can also freeze the electrified water to reach the Bucking Bronco plasmid.

"Oven of the future"

Audio Diary 15

Enter the applicances area. Behind the customer services desk is a little room with a vent. On the desk in that room.

Audio Diary 16

In Bridal department. Lockpick required to enter. Open the door. Behind and under the counter.

Gear 8

As above, but on top of the counter in Bridal.

Audio Diary 17

Go through applicances and into the back room. Elizabeth needs to crawl though a vent to open the door. Once inside go left and freeze the water leak. Cross and enter the little room.

Gear 9

As above, on table in the little room.



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