BioShock Infinite Eavesdropper Guide - Voxophone Locations

Finding all 80 Voxophones will earn you the Eavesdropper achievement / trophy.

1. You can go back to find collectibles you missed from the main menu's chapter select (but trigger an auto save before quitting).

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Welcome Center - Voxophone 1

Title: Love the sinner
After getting to Columbia, exit the vehicle and go left. Looking at the big statue with candles, go left and take a right to find a painting. Here is your first Voxophone! Yay! 79 to go.

New Eden Square - Voxophone 2

After the baptism, go though the gardens and enter the city. Enter the shop to the right, called Hudsons, and you'll find the Voxophone behind the counter.

Parade Crossing - Voxophone 3

After crossing the bridge (after the parade) go up the stairs and notice the Grocery shop. Take the left stairs and go into the garden. The Voxophone is on the garden table with the Umbrella.

Path of the Scroll - Voxophone 4

After entering the fair, after a while you'll use your new skill 'Possession' on the ticket booth to let you pass. Pass the policeman playing with their skyhooks. You will spot a weird statue on your right. Voxophone is at the base of the statue.

Raffle Square - Voxophone 5

Just after you get your weapons, you'll go towards a gondola. Before you do, you will see a vending machine next to some cages. Inbetween the cages is a Voxophone.

Blue Ribbon Restaurant - Voxophone 6

Right after you get the shield, head into the kitchen. On top of the sideboard on the left, you can find the Voxophone.

Lansdowne Residence - Voxophone 7

After you are fighting on the rooftops, and get a machine gun, you reach a roof with a skylight. Drop in through the windows and use the first two sets of stairs. Find the smaller bedroom on this floor and you'll find the Voxophone inside on a shelf. Also remember the location of the chest for later.

Comstock Center Rooftops - Voxophone 8

Leave the building with the printing machines (Montgomery Residence), head right and past a vending machine and a tent. Go down the set of stairs and climb up on the stage to find a Voxophone.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven - Voxophone 9

When you pass the statue of Comstock killing the serpent, enter the building and enter the room on the left to find the Voxophone on the counter.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven - Voxophone 10

In the same building, go up the stairs to reach a large hall. Kill the cultists and find the Voxophone on a bench. Make sure to pick up the key and Infusion Upgrade on the alter.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven - Voxophone 11

Once you used the Key from the Alter and have the 2nd infusion, head back to the Order of the Raven building. Proceed down the hall and find the elevator. Use it. When you come out of the elevator, enter the room to the left to find the Voxophone on a desk to the right.

Gondola to Monument Island - Voxophone 12

After using the Sky Rails for a while you will get blocked by some freight on the tracks. To clear it you need to use a lever in a room to the right. There is another smaller room to the right where you can find the Voxophone on a desk.

Monument Island - Voxophone 13

Enter the tower and check the staff lockers on the left to find the Voxophone.

Monument Island - Voxophone 14

After the Siphon machine, go through the set of doors. There is another door to the left. Inside is the Voxophone.

Monument Island - Voxophone 15

Go past the projector and photographs rooms. While approaching the second part of the Siphone machine, the Voxophone is past the second door way on a desk.

Specimen Observation - Voxophone 16

After Elizabeth opens the tear to France, continue around and find the Voxophone in the next area.

Battleship Bay - Voxophone 17

When you arrive at the beach, you'll see a red and white striped wagon. The Voxophone is hidden underneath it.

The Arcade - Voxophone 18

Leave the shop, go onto the boardwalk. After choosing either the Cage of the Bird, go around the security checkpoint. Go inside the employees entrance. There is a storage room past some doors where you can find the Voxophone. (Past the dollar bill machine.)

The Arcade - Voxophone 19

Check out the white people bathrooms in the amusement center. The male toilet contains the Voxophone.

Park Ticketing - Voxophone 20

After the fight at the ticketing office (ouch, that hurt), go into the office to the right (behind the gates) to find a Voxophone before continuing to the objective.

Park Ticketing - Voxophone 21

In the ticket master's office. Go through the white double doors adjacent to the office to enter a basement storage area. Inside is the Voxophone.

Soldier's Field Greeting Pavilion - Voxophone 22

In the welcome hall, go to the left. The Voxophone is inside the locked room, in the back part.

Soldier's Field - Voxophone 23

On your way out of the welcome hall, enter Ice Cream shop you will see on the left. The Voxophone is located on a table.

Soldier's Field - Voxophone 24

Find and enter the Founders Books store on the boardwalk. Behind the platform/counter.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Voxophone 25

Go into the employees only room and defeat the turret, which is guarding the Voxophone.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Voxophone 26

Enter the Fellow Traveler. Go to the kitchen and find the Voxophone stuck to the cabinet.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Voxophone 27

You'll find this Voxophone on the second floor of the Tickets building. The Voxophone is next to some ammo and a weapon.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Voxophone 28

Get the code book from the tickets building (in the cannon) and open the hidden room in the Fellow Traveler. You'll find the Voxophone on the table.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Voxophone 29

After you use the Sky Rail to get to the Hallf of Heroes, go into the gondola and find the Voxophone on a chair.

The Hall of Heroes - Voxophone 30

Enter the Hallf of Heroes and go left. Enter the office with a dead guy hanging out of the window, and look left.

The Hall of Heroes - Voxophone 31

Pass by the statue and under the bridge (in the bright rooms). Lock pick the door. Enter the First Lady's exhibit, and search for a chair next to a fireplace. The Voxophone is on it.

The Hall of Heroes - Voxophone 32

After the courtyard fights and you see the message he leaves on the wall (We deserve to die as soldiers), turn left and go into the room. There is a Voxophone in there.

Hall of Heroes (returning) - Voxophone 33

Before leaving the yard outside the Hall of Heroes (just before using the Gondola to get to the Air Ship), use the Sky Rail to drop down onto an uncharged power device on the upper floor of the Hotel in the middle of the area. Use your new Shock Jockey on the device to open the door, and enter the building. The Voxophone is on the bed inside.

Beggar's Wharf - Voxophone 34

At the beginning of the docks area, enter the delivery center on the left. The Voxophone is between two desks.

Fort Franklin - Voxophone 35

After Elizabeth disappears through a tear. Go left and check the desks to find the Voxophone.

Worker Induction Center - Voxophone 36

Go into the main hall area. You'll find this Voxophone behind the counter of the office on the left.

Worker Induction Center - Voxophone 37

Go to the lower level. There is a room marked Employees only, with the elevator. Before using the elevator look to the right to find it inside some lockers.

The Great Chen-Lin,... - Voxophone 38

In Chen Lin's shop in the Plaza of Zeal (before you enter the next area) you will find a Voxophone on the counter.

Plaza of Zeal - Voxophone 39

In the Plaza, find the suspended cargo in the far corner. The Voxophone is leaning against a few boxes in the corner.

Good Time Club - Voxophone 40

In the club, after the club fights, go through the stage door exit. Enter the nearby dressing room. You'll find the Voxophone on the left side.

Good Time Club - Voxophone 41

After obtaining the Plaza of Zeal code book you'll have to go through the interrogation room. The Voxophone is on a small table outside.

Return to the Plaza of Zeal - Voxophone 42

Find the locked building in the alley off the Plaza and use the code book to open the hidden safe. The Voxophone is inside.

Shanty Town - Voxophone 43

Search the basement of the Graveyard Shift bar to find a Voxophone. There is a key in this basement too, which you will need for Infusion 17.

Shanty Town - Voxophone 44

Grab the center sky rail, going right (if facing the impound), outside the impound building that leads to a homeless person's shelter. You'll find the Voxophone here.

Bullhouse Impound - Voxophone 45

On the main floor, the Voxophone is under a table that is found in a room just outside an interrogation room.

Bullhouse Impound - Voxophone 46

Go up to the upper level of the same building. There is a room past a medkit tear on the left. Next to the locked chest (which contains an Infusion Upgrade) is the Voxophone.

Bullhouse Impound - Voxophone 47

After you go though the tear in the basement, on your way out (and before leaving this zone) check the table you previously passed. There will now be one on it.

The Bull Yard - Voxophone 48

Outside the Graveyard Shift bar there is now a Handyman corpse with some photos being taken. The Voxophone is laying next to it.

The Bull Yard - Voxophone 49

Now enter the Graveyard Shift bar. There is a Voxophone near the boxes next to the bar counter. After leaving Shanty Town, make sure to pick up the Charge Vigor in the office in front of the elevator you exit.

Finkton Proper - Voxophone 50

Search around the shelves at the entrance (without going in) to Chen Lin's gunshop in this area to find the Voxophone.

Factory - Voxophone 51

After taking the elevator in the Factory, there will be a Voxophone in the top right corner. Make sure to pick up the undertow Vigor on the floor in front of the double doors.

Factory - Voxophone 52

After the story dialog opens up a door (you'll see) check the rooms on the left and right for collectibles.

Port Prosperity - Voxophone 53

In this area you will pass some vending machines and a sign on the left reading Founders Will Perish with a corpse below it. The Voxophone is next to this.

Port Prosperity - Voxophone 54

Enter the office on the left in the large area near the 'Grand Central Depot' sign. The Voxophone is in there.

Port Prosperity - Voxophone 55

The next Voxophone in the Founders Bookstore. Unlock the shop. Find it next to the teddy bear in the upper level of the shop (on your right when entering).

Port Prosperity - Voxophone 56

Now head down to the basement of Founders, find this on on a chair. This unlucks a secret button in The Salty Oyster.

Port Prosperity - Voxophone 57

After grabbing the last Vox, head back to the Salty Oyster and press the button underneath the cash register. This opens a secret room with a Voxophone.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 58

After fighting in the outside, use the Sky Rail to go up one level and enter a locked door.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 59

Enter into the area with the snipers and go into the building on the right that descends down. The Voxophone is on a couch in the basement.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 60

On the upper level before reaching the Comstock gate is a shop that needs unlocking. Voxophone inside.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 61

As you reach the Comstock gate, there is a Voxophone at the base of the statue of Lady Comstock.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 62

Before entering Memorial Gardens, go left and along the ledge to enter the floating building. Voxophone inside.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 63

Lutece lab, lower floor in the kitchen, near the tear.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 64

Lutece Lab, after the tear goes a Voxophone will be on the floor.

Downtown Emporia - Voxophone 65

Lutece Lab, upper floor in the bedroom - next to the bed.

Bank of the Prophet - Voxophone 66

Find the tear in the bank, and look to the left - go in the room and look behind the safe. There is a Voxophone.

Bank of the Prophet - Voxophone 67

After you deal with the tear, a voxophone will be behind where it once was.

Bank of the Prophet - Voxophone 68

From the bank floor, looking at the big vault door, take a left and follow around until you find the graffiti. Use the code from Hudson's store (Downtown area) to open the secret room.

Downtown Emporia (After the bank) - Voxophone 69

Deal with the dimensional tear in the photography store and grab this Voxophone from the table.

Comstock House Atrium - Voxophone 70

After the first Boy of Silence, enter the elevator to find a Voxophone and progress.

Comstock House Atrium - Voxophone 71

To the right of the second Boy of Silence, turn left into the furnace room. In a coffin.

Comstock House Atrium - Voxophone 72

Go past the fourth Boy of Silence to the back of the room. On a metal table.

Warden's Office - Voxophone 73

The second projector room you find has a Voxophone next to the projector.

Warden's Office - Voxophone 74

In the wardens office, on the chair.

Warden's Office - Voxophone 75

After you use the lever in the Wardens office, there is now another Voxophone in the elevator.

Warden's Office - Voxophone 76

After you rescue Elizabeth, unlock the door which needs 3 lock picks and go up the stairs. Find collectibles.

The Hand of the Prophet - Voxophone 77

After the fight, unlock the big building and go in. In the left room is a Voxophone.

Hangar Deck - Voxophone 78

After using the Sky Rail to progress up the levels, find and unlock the engineering department (the controls end of the ship).

Engineering Deck - Voxophone 79

After you meet with Comstock, go up to the catwalks but do not control the ship yet. Find his office and bedroom. Each room has a recording.

Engineering Deck - Voxophone 80

After you meet with Comstock, go up to the catwalks but do not control the ship yet. Find his office and bedroom. Each room has a recording.



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