BioShock Infinite Gear locations

Gear locations are always the same, however the actual gear you get is random.

1. Gear locations are the same, however the actual gear you get is random.
2. Reloading a checkpoint (be careful!) can mean you get a different gear if you're after something specific.
3. Gear can be very important when running though on 1999 mode.
4. This list is not yet complete, and is a work in progress.

All 141 collectibles (and gear) guide available
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Comstock Center Rooftops - Gear 1

In the Order of the Raven (building behind the Serpent statue). After using the Elevator and you enter the room with a projector, in the room with the projector look to the right for a movable bookcase. The hidden room has a Gear box.

Comstock Center Rooftops - Gear 2

After you first encounter crows, before leaving the building you will see a broken vending machine. A gear box is at the base of this.

Monument Island Gateway - Gear 3

After the skyrail, you need to use the sky hook to climb into a window on the upper floor. You will enter a bedroom. Look behind the dresser to the right of the bed. The box of gear is hidden there.

Battleship Bay - Gear 4

Next to Voxophone 18. On the metal table.

Battleship Bay - Gear 5

After you pass the servants area and enter the arcade, a man from Mr. Fink tells you he has something from Fink. A gear box is on the table for you.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Gear 6

In the tickets building, the locked room on the lower floor has a gear box.

Hall of Heroes - Gear 7

Once you get to the two exhibits - go into The Battle of Wounded knee. Inside, on the right, is a staff store room. Go in and find the gear on a table.

Hall of Heroes - Gear 8

Once you get to the two exhibits - go into The Boxer Rebellion. Inside, on the right, is a staff store room. Go in and find the gear on a table.

Hall of Heroes (Plaza, returning) - Gear 9

As you reach the plaza, and before using the skyrail to get back to the ticketing office - you will find a shock jockey machine on the right. Use it and it will open a gate to where the snipers were before. Go up the stairs. On a table.

Hall of Heroes (returning) - Gear 10

After you go past the ticketing office (left) and bar (right), you will enter the building and fight a patriot. Before leaving this area, go into the Employees only room where you went before. The turret is now friendly and a gear has been left for you.

Hall of Heroes (returning) - Gear 11

In the same room as Voxophone 33. Use the sky rail to enter the upper floor of the Hotel in the middle of the area outside the Hall of Heroes. Shock Jockey on the device to open the door.

Hall of Heroes (returning) - Gear 12

Before leaving the yard outside the Hall of Heroes (just before using the Gondola to get to the Air Ship) go into the Toy Shop and use Shock Jockey to open hidden room.

Beggar's Wharf - Gear 13

While in the docks, go into the Employees Only door on the far side. If you haven't already triggered a fight, taking the gear will do so.

Fort Franklin - Gear 14

After getting back together with Elizabeth (after she rescues you with a tear - the blimp), turn around (and see Kinetoscope 22). Next to the telescope is a ship/gondola. Unlock the door and find a gear and silver bar inside.

Plaza of Zeal - Gear 15

On top of Chen Lin's shop. Next to a sniper rifle under the sign. Use the freight hooks to get up.

Plaza of Zeal - Gear 16

The Handyman you fight (before going to the club) will drop a gear box.

Good Time Club - Gear 17

After you pass the projector room and Voxophone 41, you will need to unlock a cell. Unlock the cell on the opposite side (5 lock picks) to find a gear box inside.

Good Time Club - Gear 18

Before leaving the club, go to the upper level. Before going though the double doors to go back up to the Plaza, go to the right and find the office. There is a Gear and safe in the office. With other supplies.

Shanty Town - Gear 19

On the way to impound you will see a green barbers machine with graffiti. Gear next to it on the floor.

The Bullhouse Impound - Gear 20

Next to infusion 16, in the locked room on upper floor. Hard to miss.

Factory - Gear 21

Just before using the elevator to go up in the factory, a gear is on the floor.

Factory - Gear 22

After using the elevator, go into the room on the left. There's a few fending machines inside. Behind the dollar bill machine is a gear box.

Emporia - Gear 23

Pass the people evacuating and the fight. After picking the lock to the building, go to the right and open the freight hook tear to get on top of the wooden scaffolding. A gear up there.

Port Prosperity - Gear 24

Inside the Salty Oyster, on the floor (head to the right when entering).

Port Prosperity - Gear 25

Near Voxophone 55. In the Founders Bookstore. On the counter on the upper level.

Downtown Emporia - Gear 26

After fighting in the outside, the Handyman you just killed should have dropped a gear.

Downtown Emporia - Gear 27

In the area with the snipers. After Voxophone 59, continue down the street and go into the building on the left which needs 3 lock picks. Go up the stairs to find the gear.

Downtown Emporia - Gear 28

Next to Voxophone 60. On the upper level before reaching the Comstock gate is a shop that needs unlocking.

Downtown Emporia - Gear 29

In the Memorial Gardens. Light the urns hanging on the outside of the moselem with devils kiss to find the hidden Gear.

Downtown Emporia - Gear 30

Outside of the Lutece Lab is a Freight Hook tear. Below this tear is a locked shop. Unlock the shop and find the Gear inside.

Bank of the Prophet - Gear 31

While going though the Bank, you will go though a safety deposit box room just before dropping though the broken hall to reach the tear. To the far end is a corpse and a metal tub. Gear in the tub.

Bank of the Prophet - Gear 32

From the bank floor, looking at the big vault door, take a left. While going to unlock the hidden room for Infusion 23 and Voxophone 68, you will come across a room with big double doors. Inside that room. Gear next to a corpse under a big painting of a happy family.

Comstock House Atrium - Gear 33

Just behind the fourth Boy of Silence. You should see it on a metal table behind the BoS. Continue around the wall to find Voxophone 72.

Warden's Office - Gear 34

In the room with the second projector and Voxophone 73. In front of the stairs is a desk with a Gear.

Hangar Deck - Gear 35

Second level of the airship. After Voxophone 78, there is another room past engineering. At the front of the ship, marked Secure Area. Pick the lock. Gear inside.



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