BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2

Audio Diary and Voxophone locations

Audio Diary 1

Left of the Silverfin Restaurant sign is Cupids Arrow. Lift the door. Go in to the back left, to the left of the employees only door between a couple of statues.

"Laissez Faire - Antonio Rodriguez"

Audio Diary 2

Still in Cupids Arrow, pick the employees only door. Walk around the back. Behind/next to Elizabeths blue dress.

"The Blue Dress - Carol Lynn"

Audio Diary 3

Go to the Silverfin Restaurant. At the Lutece device turn left and jump over a counter. Next to the door that can be picked.

"Pennies on the Dollar - Morris Lauderman"

Audio Diary 4

On the upper level above Lutece device. On a desk next to a television monitor.

"Imprinting Roadblocks - Yi Suchong"

Audio Diary 5

Go to the Service Bay. Bottom level of the area with freight hooks. In the lockerroom sink.

"Hooligans - Florence Baxter"

Audio Diary 6

After using the code in previous Audio Diary, pull the lever and go down the stairs nearby. Head down to the lower level with the two turrets. Opposite the lock on the door is a diary.

"Building the impossible - Andrew Ryan"

Audio Diary 7

In the Bathysphere across from the CO2 scrubber. Use the freight hook to jump over to it.

"So long suckers - Sal Cantone"

Audio Diary 8

Go to Test Drive. Behind the counter on the desk.

"This Atlas Guy - Samantha Kemp"

Audio Diary 9

Go down in the Test Drive area. On desk down stairs and to the left. Past a guy.

"Old man winter giveaway - Kay Flannigan"

Audio Diary 10

In this same area on the large circle table in middle.

"For all occasions - Felix Molloy"

Audio Diary 11

Room behind old man winter. Held by a corpse.

"Prison Dispatch #8 - Emmett Wynn"

Audio Diary 12

In the Manta Ray Lounge. Go up the stairs to the desk/bar. To the left is a dead body with the Diary.

"C'est La Vie - Johnny Demarco"

Audio Diary 13

In the lounge go up to the 3 bottles and turn them to open secret area. On the desk in there.

"You stupid bastard - Frank Fontaine"

Audio Diary 14

Opposite the 3 bottles is a door to lockpick. Go down in there past turret on shelf.

"Atlas Provides - Samantha Kemp"

Voxophone 15

Now off to Columbia. Exit the vents after listening to Lutece Twins and Daisy. Go into the central building and into the left door. On desk.

"The quality of mercy - Daisy Fitzroy"

Voxophone 16

Use the sky rail to get up to the other airship via the platform on far side. You must do this first because the OTHER YOU destroys it later. Inside the airship (not the one you arrived on) at the back on the boxes.

"Sacrifices - Daisy Fitzroy"

Voxophone 17

Go through big doors now, infront of you on the desk.

"Stay the hand - Daisy Fitzroy"

Voxophone 18

Finks Private Quarters - sleep room

"The Lazurus Project - Rosalind Lutece"

Voxophone 19

Finks Private Quarters - lesuire room.

"No profits for the prophets - Jeremiah Fink"

Voxophone 20

Work lab area - Go through the door on the right, follow the upper level (with large Fink statue in middle) to the lab. Board detailing plasmids. On desk.

"Necessary precautions - Jeremiah Fink"

Voxophone 21

Head to the Surgical Suite. In large main area with Handyman parts. On desk with Eve and Lamp.

"Childish fears - Edmund Munford"

Voxophone 22

Bottom lab (main area with Fink Statue) on desk with sea slug.

"The greater good - Jeremiah Fink"

Voxophone 23

The caution off limits area. Go out the window and use freigh hook to jump across to broken windows. Follow the area round. Once you open all the doors head back out to where you started (the origial broken window) a new room is now available on the left. Inside on desk.

"Table scraps - Jeremiah Fink"

Audio Diary 24

Now back to Rapture. After Atlas takes you to Dr Suchong's free clinic head past the guy. Inside on the floor on the right at some lockers. (Before you pass the two big daddy suits hanging.)

"Product recall - Frank Fontaine"

Audio Diary 25

After helping the Big Daddy (with little sisters) go though the newly opened door. Turn right at the glass brick wall (Cognitive conversion room). On the desk.

"Mind control test - Yi Suchong"



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