BioShock Infinite Infused with Greatness Guide - Infusion Upgrades locations

Finding and using all 24 Infusion Upgrades will grant you the Infused with Greatness achievement / trophy.

1. The Season Pass adds 5 additional infusion upgrades. These also count towards the 24 needed.
2. You can go back to find collectibles you missed from the main menu's chapter select (but trigger an auto save before quitting).
3. The 25th Infusion Upgrade is the shield you get given during the story.

All 141 collectibles guide available
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Comstock Center Rooftops - Infusion Upgrade 1

Once you fight with the cultists, go up to their alter. The Infusion upgrade is on it.

Comstock Center Rooftops - Infusion Upgrade 2

Grab the key from the Alter (Infusion #1) and run back to Lonsdown Residence with the key to unlock the chest in the small bedroom. Infusion upgrade inside.

Monument Island Gateway - Infusion Upgrade 3

The first time you use the Sky Rail, make sure to drop off at the Maintainence platform (it's blue, and to the left of the sky rail). In the back room is an upgrade. Don't forgot to use the Telescope on the platform.

Monument Tower - Infusion Upgrade 4

The second Siphon machine you come across, there is a desk infront of you with a Voxophone on it. Behind the desk is an Infusion upgrade.

Battleship Bay - Infusion Upgrade 5

After the fight at the ticketing office (ouch, that hurt), run around the back of the office and take the Infusion upgrade.

Soldier's Field - Infusion Upgrade 6

From the welcome hall, look to the left. You will see a locked door. Behind the door is a Voxophone and Infusion upgrade.

Hall of Heroes (going) - Infusion Upgrade 7

Get the code book from the Ticketing building (cannon) and go over to the other building to unlock the secret room. Inside is a Voxophone and an Infusion upgrade.

Hall of Heroes - Infusion Upgrade 8

After the ambush, go into the right hand room where the soldiers came from. You will find it on a bench

Hall of Heroes - Infusion Upgrade 9

After the second courtyard battle (you're on your way back), go into the room to the left of the message written on the wall infront of you. Infusion upgrade in that room.

Hall of Heroes (returning) - Infusion Upgrade 10

As you board the Zeppelin, enter it, and go to the desk on the right before you set off. Find the infusion upgrade and some other stuff (money, etc).

Fort Franklin Pier - Infusion Upgrade 11

As you come across where Elizabeth is being held, you will be above a courtyard with two men in stockades. On the other side you will find some prison cells past a door. Inside on the floor, by the bars, is an upgrade.

Worker Induction Center - Infusion Upgrade 12

When you come across an office that needs 5 lockpicks to pick, do it. Infusion upgrade inside.

Good Time Club - Infusion Upgrade 13

On the bottom level of the club, find the dollar machine at the back. In the adjacent room is an upgrade.

Plaza of Seal (Return) - Infusion Upgrade 14

Use the code book you find in the Good Time Club to open the hidden doorway inside a locked building. (Alley leading onto some shipping crates, behind main plaza.)

Shanty Town - Infusion Upgrade 15

As soon as you enter the town, go to where some thugs are. You will need to fight them to get past to the upgrade.

The Bullhouse Impound - Infusion Upgrade 16

Go up to the first floor, and turn left. You will need to open the room.

The Bullhouse Impound - Infusion Upgrade 17

Go up to the first floor, and continue around past the Med Kits tear. Turn left and go into the furthest office. Open the chest with the key you found in the basement of the Graveyard Shift bar (Shanty Town).

Factory - Infusion Upgrade 18

After the story plays out with the two characters, open the doors on the left and right before proceeding forward into the recently opened door.

Emporia - Infusion Upgrade 19

After picking the lock to the building, head left and pick a gate open. Upgrade in there to the right.

Emporia - Infusion Upgrade 20

Requires you to collect Voxophone #56 and #57 to unlock a switch in the Salty Oyster bar. Hit the switch to open hidden room.

Downtown Emporia - Infusion Upgrade 21

In the Lutece lab, upper floor bedroom. At the back.

Downtown Emporia - Infusion Upgrade 22

On your way to the financial district, make a left into the red shop called Wilson Bros. In their shop they have an upgrade (in the window display). When you pass Hudsons (you will see graffiti that reads Founders will bleed), go inside to pick up the code book next to a sink.

The Bank of The Prophet - Infusion Upgrade 23

From the bank floor, looking at the big vault door, take a left and follow around until you find the graffiti. Use the code from Hudson's store (Downtown area) to open the secret room.

Comstock / Warder's - Infusion Upgrade 24

After you rescue Elizabeth, pick the lock on the door opposite to where you need to go. Up the stairs will be an upgrade and Voxophone.



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