BioShock Infinite collectibles locations guide

Complete guide of all 141 in-game collectibles, in order, with video locations.

80 Voxophones.
30 kinetoscopes and 7 telescopes.
24 Infusion Upgrades.

1. The Season Pass adds 5 additional infusion upgrades. These also count towards the 24 needed.
2. You can go back to find collectibles you missed from the main menu's chapter select (but trigger an auto save before quitting).
3. Some Kinetoscopes are repeated in the game. If you use one you've already watched, it will not count.
4. The 25th Infusion Upgrade is the shield you get given during the story.

Collectibles list

Kinetoscope: Battleship Bay Kinetoscope 13

Go past the amusements (you will see #5, #6, and #7 repeated) and past the Whites Only toilets to find a Kinetoscope.

Park Ticketing Voxophone 20

After the fight at the ticketing office (ouch, that hurt), go into the office to the right (behind the gates) to find a Voxophone before continuing to the objective.

Battleship Bay Infusion 5

After the fight at the ticketing office (ouch, that hurt), run around the back of the office and take the Infusion upgrade.

Park Ticketing Voxophone 21

In the ticket master's office. Go through the white double doors adjacent to the office to enter a basement storage area. Inside is the Voxophone.

Telescope: Battleship Bay Kinetoscope 14

After the gondola ride with Elizabeth, head up to the platform above you. A telescope is looking outwards.

Kinetoscope: Soldier's Field Kinetoscope 15

As soon as you get to the welcome area, go to the right. You will come across a room with a model of Columbia. The Kinetoscope is to the next to it on the wall

Soldier's Field Greeting Pavilion Voxophone 22

In the welcome hall, go to the left. The Voxophone is inside the locked room, in the back part.

Soldier's Field Infusion 6

From the welcome hall, look to the left. You will see a locked door. Behind the door is a Voxophone and Infusion upgrade.

Kinetoscope: Soldier's Field Kinetoscope 16

As you exit the first area, you will see an Ice Cream shop to your left. Turn left at the Ice Cream shop and you will see a Kinetoscope.

Soldier's Field Voxophone 23

On your way out of the welcome hall, enter Ice Cream shop you will see on the left. The Voxophone is located on a table.

Soldier's Field Voxophone 24

Find and enter the Founders Books store on the boardwalk. Behind the platform/counter.

Hall of Heroes (going) Voxophone 25

Go into the employees only room and defeat the turret, which is guarding the Voxophone.

Hall of Heroes (going) Voxophone 26

Enter the Fellow Traveler. Go to the kitchen and find the Voxophone stuck to the cabinet.

Kinetoscope: Hall of Heroes (going) Kinetoscope 17

As you see the sign for Hall of Heroes, with two buildings. The right building is Tickets. Go inside and head to the left. You will see a Kinetoscope.

Hall of Heroes (going) Gear 6

In the tickets building, the locked room on the lower floor has a gear box.

Hall of Heroes (going) Voxophone 27

You'll find this Voxophone on the second floor of the Tickets building. The Voxophone is next to some ammo and a weapon.

Hall of Heroes (going) Infusion 7

Get the code book from the Ticketing building (cannon) and go over to the other building to unlock the secret room. Inside is a Voxophone and an Infusion upgrade.

Hall of Heroes (going) Voxophone 28

Get the code book from the tickets building (in the cannon) and open the hidden room in the Fellow Traveler. You'll find the Voxophone on the table.

Hall of Heroes (going) Voxophone 29

After you use the Sky Rail to get to the Hallf of Heroes, go into the gondola and find the Voxophone on a chair.

Kinetoscope: Hall of Heroes (going) Kinetoscope 18

After you use the Sky Rail, go towards the Hall of Heroes, but before entering turn right and go straight for the Kinetoscope.



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