BioShock Infinite collectibles locations guide

Complete guide of all 141 in-game collectibles, in order, with video locations.

80 Voxophones.
30 kinetoscopes and 7 telescopes.
24 Infusion Upgrades.

1. The Season Pass adds 5 additional infusion upgrades. These also count towards the 24 needed.
2. You can go back to find collectibles you missed from the main menu's chapter select (but trigger an auto save before quitting).
3. Some Kinetoscopes are repeated in the game. If you use one you've already watched, it will not count.
4. The 25th Infusion Upgrade is the shield you get given during the story.

Collectibles list

Kinetoscope: Comstock / Warden's Kinetoscope 35

Once you come across two turrets and metal stairs, go up and follow them around to the left. You will come across a Kinetoscope just before a room full of heads.

Comstock House Atrium Voxophone 72

Go past the fourth Boy of Silence to the back of the room. On a metal table.

Comstock House Atrium Gear 33

Just behind the fourth Boy of Silence. You should see it on a metal table behind the BoS. Continue around the wall to find Voxophone 72.

Kinetoscope: Comstock / Warden's Kinetoscope 36

Once you come across a projector room which was an observation (see the two cameras and broken one way glass), go though the broken wall and you will see a Kinetoscope on your right

Warden's Office Voxophone 73

The second projector room you find has a Voxophone next to the projector.

Warden's Office Gear 34

In the room with the second projector and Voxophone 73. In front of the stairs is a desk with a Gear.

Warden's Office Voxophone 74

In the wardens office, on the chair.

Warden's Office Voxophone 75

After you use the lever in the Wardens office, there is now another Voxophone in the elevator.

Warden's Office Voxophone 76

After you rescue Elizabeth, unlock the door which needs 3 lock picks and go up the stairs. Find collectibles.

Comstock / Warder's Infusion 24

After you rescue Elizabeth, pick the lock on the door opposite to where you need to go. Up the stairs will be an upgrade and Voxophone.

The Hand of the Prophet Voxophone 77

After the fight, unlock the big building and go in. In the left room is a Voxophone.

Telescope: The Hand of The Prophet Kinetoscope 37

Just before you board the ship to the next zone, look to the left to see a Telescope.

Hangar Deck Voxophone 78

After using the Sky Rail to progress up the levels, find and unlock the engineering department (the controls end of the ship).

Hangar Deck Gear 35

Second level of the airship. After Voxophone 78, there is another room past engineering. At the front of the ship, marked Secure Area. Pick the lock. Gear inside.

Engineering Deck Voxophone 79

After you meet with Comstock, go up to the catwalks but do not control the ship yet. Find his office and bedroom. Each room has a recording.

Engineering Deck Voxophone 80

After you meet with Comstock, go up to the catwalks but do not control the ship yet. Find his office and bedroom. Each room has a recording.



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