Tetris Triumph! Game beaten finally by 13 year old Willis Gibson

5th Jan 2024 13:37 | News

Tetris Triumph! Game beaten finally by 13 year old Willis Gibson

Can you believe it? A 13-year-old gaming whiz from Oklahoma named Willis Gibson (aka Blue Scuti) just actually beat Tetris! It made the game itself sputter and shut down.

Believed to be the first person ever to beat Tetris since the game's release more than three decades ago.

For years, gamers have battled Tetris, a fast-paced puzzle game where mysterious falling blocks rain from the sky. The goal? Arrange these funky shapes into flawless horizontal lines. The faster you clear lines, the faster the blocks plummet!

For decades, experts thought level 29 was the absolute limit. Then, whispers started - was there actually an END to Tetris? Turns out, there was... and only AI could previously reach it!

But here's Willis, defying the odds and blasting through a mind-blowing 157 levels in a mere 38 minutes! Talk about lightning reflexes! This victory has sent shockwaves through the Tetris world, with gamers everywhere scrambling to dethrone Willis' reign.

The story began in 1989 when Tetris exploded onto the scene on the NES and Game Boy. Since then, it's become a global phenomenon, enjoyed by people of all ages on consoles and phones alike.

So, will someone manage to top Willis' legendary feat? Only time - and some serious Tetris skills - will tell! ?

Beating the game in just 38 minutes, 13 year old Willis Gibson posted a video to his YouTube channel showing the moment he reached level 157, causing the game to freeze and crash.

Playing the game since he was 11, he goes by name of Blue Scuti on YouTube, and has competed in several gaming tournaments, coming third at last year's Classic Tetris World Championships.


Published 5th Jan 2024 13:37 in News


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