BioShock Isolation: Alleged leak reveals info about new BioShock game

8th Sep 2022 09:05 | BioShock

BioShock Isolation: Alleged leak reveals info about new BioShock game

BioShock 4 was officially confirmed in 2019 by President of 2K David Ismailer who said the game would continue in the series' tradition of "powerful narrative and iconic, first-person shooter gameplay." The game is being developed by Cloud Chamber, which is a new studio founded solely to work on the BioShock series.

Sacred Symbols' Colin Moriarty also reported last year that the game was originally codenamed Parkside.

BioShock Isolation - launch by end of 2024?

According to the previous and new leaks, the title of the new game is BioShock Isolation. The game is to be set in Antarctica, with an open world and multiple endings. The artstyle and in-game graphic design is to be similar to Deathloop, with a 1960's British Invasion rock/pop type culture. Architecture will be multicultural, including Soviet, Victorian, Asian, and Scandinavian.

Apparently it should launch no later than end of 2024, but the developer and publisher will not provide a launch date until they are sure they can deliver a polished and high quality game.

There might be two cities with radically different ideology, one of them located underground right below the other, both sharing a "flipside" border zone with an unleashed "vertical war". This could have a sort of Iron Curtain feel, but vertical. The new game may also feature the franchise's first female protagonist, possibly a Soviet prisoner.

A few days ago "Oops Leaks" leaked on Twitter a bunch of information about the new BioShock 4 game.

New BioShock Isolation leak

The original leaks

Oopsleaks says "But still take this with enormous grain of salt. "

What he "knows for sure":

  • Based in Antarctica.
  • Open world with a main story that has multiple endings.
  • The logo and internal presentation slides posted by me come from the 2020 Slack messenger data breach.
  • The artstyle and in-game graphic design is similar to Deathloop. Style is psychedelic and trippy.
  • A solid soundtrack and a female protagonist.
  • The game should have been announced at the beginning of this year - 2022
  • The announcement of the game was postponed due to staff reductions inside the studio, which lost about 40 employees in just two months, including leads.
  • It should be released no later than the end of 2024.
  • They are not trying to finish it ASAP, the whole chain from the studio itself to 2K and T2 is concerned about the quality of the final product.
  • The release window will not be announced until the developers are sure about the exact date in order to avoid any delays and polish
  • The combat system will be diversified with various utilities and combinations of abilities
  • the terrain will also have an impact on the conduct of combat

Less likely things:

  • The narrative is largely built around refugees. The city has become a haven for people who have left Rapture.
  • Its full of multiculturalism - you can find areas with architecture from traditional Scandinavian and Asian motifs to Victorian, Bauhaus and Brutalism.
  • It says there are really two cities, the upper Borealis, and the lower one - Aurora. Named after the cruiser that played an iconic role in the Communist Revolution in the Russian Empire, hiding under the layers of ice.
  • A soviet city that was completely built and maintained by the slave labor of prisoners from the camps.
  • The protagonist is allegedly one of the prisoners.
  • In the course of the story, you enter the prosperous city of Borealis. Your goal is to unite two cities.

Concept art for BioShock Isolation

Twitter user @griefgreen created some great concept art for BioShock Isolation last year.

There is always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city.


Published 8th Sep 2022 09:05 in BioShock


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