Deathloop comes to PlayStation Plus September 2022

2nd Sep 2022 16:56 | Deathloop

Deathloop comes to PlayStation Plus September 2022

Deathloop is coming to PlayStation Plus September 20th 2022, one year on from its PlayStation console exclusive and for PC launch last September.

The sort-of-roguelike time-looping first person shooter is an interesting timeloop / groundhog day type game developed during the pandemic by Arkane Lyon. A similar look and feel to Arkane's Dishonored games, Deathloop seems to be set in the same universe on the island of Blackreef. Any Dishonored players with a keen eye will also notice some reused game assets. However I really noticed the detailed food models...

Update: Deathloop comes to Xbox September 20th 2022.

Deathloop guide

MLW Games created a game guide for Deathloop last year. With location maps, videos, and helpful mini-guides to try and clear up any confusion with missions and achivements.

Visit the MLW Games Deathloop Guide

A look at all the games coming to PlayStation Plus this September, on the Extra and Premium tiers.


Published 2nd Sep 2022 16:56 in Deathloop


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