Create digital Human models easily in Unreal Engine: MetaHumans

20th Jun 2021 13:42 | all

"Creating believable real-time digital humans is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. What if we could make the process radically simpler, faster, and more scalable - without compromising on quality?"

Epic Games have unveiled their MetaHuman Creator this year.

MetaHuman Creator trailer

This impressive demo shows off the new MetaHuman Creator which is capable of creating very realistic human faces and body animations.

These realistic human models can apparently be made in minutes, and will power games and movies using both manually created animations and even motion capture. The generated MetaHumans can be modified in real time.

Although we're not quite there yet with creating truly realistic digital humans - this is an amazing giant leap forward for media studios that want to create realistic characters without huge budgets and thousands of hours of modelling.


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