Space Defender Xtreme: Ten billion total score! Plus update 1.3.0

4th Jun 2021 10:00 | Mobile games

Ten billion total score! The top three players currently are GOL, DAW, and CJR - can you beat their scores?

Latest update live

May saw the release of update 1.3.0 which brings:

1. New special ability: Wingman.
2. "Wasp" ship now unlocked at 250k score.
3. Abilities: Immunity shield now lasts 20 seconds, up from 10.
4. Abilities: Weapon boost ability now lasts 20 seconds, up from 10.
5. Player base shields increased slightly for Woolsthorpe (10%) and Stratosphere (20%).
6. Game UI update.

Available on iOS and Android. Download for free at

Also, congratulations to player GOL for achieving the massive score of 13.6m!

Space Defender Xtreme

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