Online Slot Game Myths

24th Oct 2019 20:13 | News

Online Slot Game Myths

We've all tried our hand at slot machines in games such as BioShock and Duke Nukem, but what myths surround both video game and real life slot machines?

It is astounding how much information about slot machines circulates the internet - click this link. But how do you know what is fact and what is fiction? Below some of the most well-known myths regarding slot machines are debunked.

Only playing at certain times of the day increases your odds of winning

This is simply not true. Slot machines are based on sheer luck. No time of day, or any other factor for that matter, will determine the outcome of the game.

You can't improve your chances of winning

We know in the previous section I mentioned that no specific factor can guarantee a win at a slot, but that does not mean that there are no practical things you can do to improve your chances of winning. The reality is that some slots pay out more than others, and some slots offer many bonus features such as free spins, which could significantly improve your odds of winning. More spins means more chances to win.

It is up to you as a player to do your research and find these slots. Find out which jackpots you stand a better chance of winning. For example, slots with smaller payouts tend to pay out more frequently than those offering larger jackpots. You also have a bigger chance of winning at a plain old traditional 3-reel slot than these modern slots offering nine reels and tons of extra features.

You cannot win at a slot after someone just won the jackpot

The truth is that players win slots at random. Each game takes place independently. The opposite is also true, just because nobody has won the jackpot in a while does not mean that a win is due now. No spin is linked to the one before.

Betting the maximum increases your odds of winning

Just because you bet more does not mean that you will win. However, it does increase the winning payout if you were to win.

The more reels the better your odds of winning the jackpot

The opposite is actually true. Some of the pros of slot machines with more than 3 reels include more winning symbol combinations, increased paylines (which increase your chances of winning) and more features than traditional 3-reel slots. However, modern games with more than 3 reels are more complex to play. So while 5+ reels may offer more chances to win, they do not actually increase your odds of winning the jackpot. All its modern features could actually make it harder to win. Simple traditional 3-reel slots on the other hand are straightforward. You only have to match up three symbols (as determined by the rules of the slot). Fewer reels thus mean a bigger chance of hitting the jackpot. After all, there are only so many possible combinations the reels could land on.

Your odds of winning are lower when you play with bonus money

Slots or casinos have no way of determining whether the credits you use to spin are your own cash deposits or from a bonus. So this does not in any way affect your odds of winning. Once you understand that slots are won at random, you will be much better off and enjoy playing so much more.


Published 24th Oct 2019 20:13 in News


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