How The Internet Changed Slot Machines Forever

24th Oct 2019 19:02 | News

How The Internet Changed Slot Machines Forever

Slot machines have come an incredibly long way since their humble beginnings in the corner of bars, where the prizes on offer were more often than not a free drink or cigar. This was in the late 19th Century, but fast-forward a little more than a century into the future and slots are almost unrecognisable to what they started out as.

The slot machines found in video games such as the Fallout and BioShock series' often simplify their real world counterparts - usually winnable after just a few plays.

For a start the prize is now money, and it can be a lot of it too. But the main thing that has changed, and this is only a relatively recent development, is that a huge portion of the slots industry can now be found online. The internet completely and utterly changed the game, there is no denying that - slots like at King Casino will never be the same. Read on for some key ways in which the rise of online slots has changed the industry forever.

Easier Use Of Technology for slot gaming

Even before the Internet slot machines were great examples of a site where new technology can be implemented and tested. However, online slots have proven to be hundreds of times more useful when trying to develop new technology, and that is mainly because they are made up of purely software - no moving parts at all.

And this has made an incredible difference. Online slots these days are ludicrously exciting, with modern technology allowing for all manner of themes, narratives and graphics to bleed into the reel spinning fun. It has all served to change slot machines forever.

Increase In Practicality when playing online slots

Something else that the Internet has played a massive part in is the increased practicality of slot-based entertainment nowadays. Before the Internet you simply had to go to a casino or somewhere with a physical slot machine in order to play. But now things are completely different, now you can play from the comfort of your own home!

And that's not all; as a result of the advances made with mobile technology people can now spin the reels whist they are pretty much anywhere in the world with a phone signal. It is crazy, and there is no way people are going back to a time where there was a lot less practicality.

Surge In Online Casino Sites

Furthermore, the Internet has allowed for a crazy amount of new casinos to spring up, meaning that the industry has ballooned to a much larger size. Before the Interent you really had to own some land to have any chance of starting your own casino, but now you just need to be savvy at programming - it has changed the game!

Rise Of Problem Gambling

In general the rise of the Internet has only been a good thing for the slots market, however it is also crucial to recognise some of the more problematic effects. The last decade or so has seen a massive surge in gambling addictions, and many of these are caused by online slots. Now, this is a hard addiction to get over because, unlike physical machines, you can play them whilst holed up in you room.


Published 24th Oct 2019 19:02 in News


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