Gamers and Vaping

13th Dec 2018 01:24 | News

Gamers and Vaping

It seems that many of the smokers who play games are turning to using electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices as a way to get their smoking fix. They're a perfect fit for many reasons.

When it comes to vaping and gamers who smoke, it's perfect. You can start to enjoy the two things you love the most at the same time. Gaming establishments don't always allow smoking. However, vaping is considered an acceptable way and is often allowed. If you're gaming in the same room as a non-smoker it is also much more polite.

Can't pause online games

You just can't take a smoke break during a game! Gamers are known for being reluctant to leave their game until it's done - and this is where Vape pens really come in handy.

Instead of having to remove your hands from your controller to strike a match, fire up a lighter, hold the cigarette, flick the ash in an appropriate place, etc. But with your favorite vaping device, you need but hold it in your mouth and inhale. Your hands are free to use the controller or fly across the keyboard.

Comfortable playing experience

Playing with a console controller while smoking a cigarette can be a nightmare - trying to keep ash from falling on your clothes and furniture during the middle of a game.

With Vape pens you can leave them on the side, ready, until you have a convenient moment.

Nicotine free varieties

Many Vape companies provide nicotine free varieties of their E-Liquids. This is great if you're trying to cut down.. or just don't want to consume nicotine.

XVX Vape has some great Nicotine free E-Liquids.

Vaping CBD

CBD E Liquids combine the best of nature and technology! Vaping is fast becoming the method of choice to consume CBD - which is great for gamers. Get the benefits of CBD while playing your favourite game. Find out more about CBD E-Liquids.


Published 13th Dec 2018 01:24 in News


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