Gears of War Ultimate updates the shotgun

24th Sep 2015 20:02 | Gears of War

Gears of War Ultimate updates the shotgun

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has received a new patch, doing away with the randomness that the Gnasher (the game's shotgun) previously had.

More specifically, the gun's spread is now consistent, rather than being random. This should help to alleviate some of the frustration that could stem from firing the gun, which couldn't be depended on to do a specific amount of damage each time.

"We wanted to improve the Gnasher by focusing on producing a consistent shot, so players can better predict and estimate the damage they are doing to opponents," the patch notes explain. "We've done this by changing the Gnasher from a randomized pellet spread to the same shape spread. This will help reduce occurrences where you do less or more damage than expected, and also help players calculate their damage expectations during gunfights more accurately and consistently."


Published 24th Sep 2015 20:02 in Gears of War


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