Gears of War 3 Act One Gameplay Video

15th Aug 2011 21:17 | Gears of War

Gears of War 3 Act One Preview - Gameplay Only

Gears of War 3 Campaign is Trickier, Less Linear and Better-Written than its Predecessors

Gears had ditched the more linear fashion adopted by Gears 2's campaign in favour of combat bowls, giving you multiple approaches, hidden weapons and different enemies to tackle in almost every single firefight. Diversity is simply everywhere, from the deck of Raven's Nest with its wide open spaces and multiple levels of combat to below deck with its small cramped nature and its closed corridor flanks. Later in the game, I found myself fighting transforming Lambent Drudges, Lambent Wretches, Lambent Drones and stalks all at once - the combat is simply breathtaking and constantly requires every ounce of your attention, blending that perfect mix of variety, strategy and shooting to create a gripping blend of third person shooter action that was actually pretty exhausting to play.

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