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27th Feb 2014 15:56 | Renegade X

This week the Renegade X open beta was released. It came out on 26th February 2014. Over 47,000 downloads were recorded in the first day, and saw concurrent players reach well over 1,000.

Renegade X is a completely free standalone indie tactical FPS game. It is a Command & Conquer FPS game with RTS elements, based on the original 2002 C&C Renegade.

If you played the original, you need to try this out!

Download Renegade X

OpenBeta 2 MLW Games UK Mirror: (Location: UK)

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SHA1 Checksum bdebe914df273c58e538e5d8f0af4663e63f3f14

Renegade X Multiplayer trailer

You can check out the Renegade X website at

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