WoW: Hackers massacre thousands

8th Oct 2012 21:24 | World of Warcraft

WoW: Hackers massacre thousands

Where's the Sword of a Thousand Truths when you need it?

Over the weekend a World of Warcraft player found a 'hack' which allowed you (whilst using a level 1, of course) to fly about the world, insta-killing anyone and everyone you come across. The exploit lasted for roughly four hours before Blizzard cracked down on it.

This immediately made me think about the South Park Episode 'Make love, not warcraft', which you will probably remember. I'd imagine the exploit is probably actually an unlocked developer mechanic, that a select few found out about. Blizzard have apparently hot fixed the issue.

The hackers spread like a plague over this past weekend, killing absolutely thousands, and leaving a carpet of skeletons in their wake.

WoW: Hackers kill thousands

WoW hack thousands of deaths
WoW hack thousands of deaths

Blizzard community manager Nethaera posted on the forum:

"Earlier today, certain realms were affected by an in-game exploit, resulting in the deaths of player characters and non-player characters in some of the major cities. This exploit has already been hotfixed, so it should not be repeatable. It's safe to continue playing and adventuring in major cities and elsewhere in Azeroth," Nethaera explained.

An onlooker and victim recorded some killing. Video from 'bornincrimson'

Aftermath of the killing in Orgrimmar. Video from 'TheBloodlustable'


Published 8th Oct 2012 21:24 in World of Warcraft


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