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Dishonored: Safe locations and combinations guide

There are several locked safes you will come across in Dishonored. Below are their locations and combinations / pass codes.

Tip: The Art of the Steal Achievement / Art Dealer's safe

In mission 3 (House of Pleasure), Slackjaw will give you the combinaion to the Art Dealer's large safe if you help him. To get the achievement you must rob the safe before he tells you. Get the key to the art dealer's house by helping the woman fight off thugs in the alley on the lower area, or by blinking onto the balcony (where the door is unocked).

The combination for the Art Dealer's safe is 879.

Safe locations and combinations

Safe 1 - Mission 1: Dishonored

After escaping, the safe is in the sewers, past where you get the gear/hidden supplies your 'secret allies' leave you in the sewers.

Combination: 451

Safe 2 - Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

The safe is in Doctor Galvani's House. On the middle floor.

Combination: 287

Locked Door - Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

In the Overseer's base, you will find a locked kennel door.

Combination: 217

Safe 3 - Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

The safe is in the Bunk House in the back yard (at end of mission). You get the combination from listening in to a conversation in the back yard on your way to Samuel. If you neutralise the first guard as you enter, then listen to the guard talk with the civilian, you over hear the combination.

Combination: 203

Safe 4 - Mission 3: House of Pleasure

The safe is in the Art Dealer's house house. If you help Slackjaw, you will get the code in his quest. But rob the safe first for The Art of the Steal achievement.

Combination: 879

Note: This combination can vary. It might be 167, 696, 679, 138 or 656.

Safe 5 (unconfirmed) - Mission 3: House of Pleasure

Unconfirmed: The safe is also in the artist's house.

Combination: 696, or 656

Safe 5 - Mission 4: The Royal Physician

The safe is in the second area, 'Drawbridge Way', of the misson. Blink or climb up the building. The safe has a rune in it, so you can follow your heart.

Combination: 473

Safe 6 - Mission 4: The Royal Physician

The safe is behind a painting in the destroyed building outside the Sokolov mansion (where the prisoner pen is). If you help the prisoners escape they will tell you where it is and give you the combination.

Combination: 294

Safe 7 (unlocked) - Mission 4: The Royal Physician

Inside the building that safe 6 is on the outside of. After getting safe 6, either blink or climb around and go down one floor. The safe is lying on it's back and is unlocked.

Combination: None

Safe 8 - Mission 6: Return to the Tower

The safe is in Lord Regent Hiram Burrows' private quarters (light blue/white master bedroom) in the tower.

Combination: 935

Safe 9 - Mission 7: Flooded District

The safe is under water in the abandoned building near the start of the second area (where Duad's base is). When walking on the wooden bridge, look down on the left. You can see bubbles coming up above where you need to jump into the water and dive down, following the stairs and though a door, then down another level while under water.

Combination: 428

Safe 10 - Mission 7: Flooded District

The safe is in Old Port District sewer. It has a Bone Charm inside, so easy to find with your Heart.

Combination: 528



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