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Dishonored: Bone Charms Locations Guide

You can use your HEART to locate these Bone Charms, but you may miss them. You can only equip 3 bone charms at one time. They can be bought at The Hound Pits.

Occultist Achievement: "You collected 10 bone charms"

Mission 1: Dishonored

No Bone Charms during this mission

Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

1: The bridge near where you start. Climb on the outside of the bridge (pipes) to get around the locked door.
2: When you find Griff, climb upstairs in the building he was in.
3: Inside the Whiskey Distillery (thug zone). Back room. Climb up the wall of barrels to reach the beam.
4: When nearing the end of the mission, climb up onto the roofs. Climb up a wooden bookshelf type thing and run across the roofs into the broken window.
5: Near the end. You will need to enter the building and posses a rat to enter the small hole behind the bottles.

Mission 3: House of Pleasure

1: Climb on the roof above where Griff is, turn around and climb, then follow, the large pipe. Use blink.
2: Find Granny Rags in the lower alley (you will also pass this at the end of the mission).
3: After leaving the distillery (where Slackjaw is) the captured infected people broke out of their cage. The charm is in the cage.
4: Help Slackjaw. After completing his mission he will give you the key to the Hotel. Inside the hotel is the charm.
5: Loot the key from the Madamme of the brothel (she is in a room below the charm) and go upstairs.

Mission 4: The Royal Physician

1: At the start, go around the back of the buildings (water side (get a rune here too)), lower the gate to form a bridge, and climb up to the charm.
2: After getting past a guard post and electric gate thing, on your left is an old factory with a blocked door. Climb up above and drop down inside the building.
3: Climb up onto the roofs and find your way via ledges and open windows.

Mission 5: Lady Boyle's Last Party

1: Before heading to the party, climb up onto the roofs and enter a window.
2: Before heading to the party, climb up a stair case in the building. Easy to get to.

Mission 6: Return to the Tower

1: When making your way up the water lock, climb into the passage way and posess a rat to get to this cham.
2: Follow your Heart.

Mission 7: The Flood District

1: Head to the end of the flooded street where the ground is lit up with whale oil. Climb the stairs and blink to the building with a couple of survivors.
2: Head to where your gear is. Climb up and you will go past this charm.
3: When you exit the tunnels, go right. The charm is in the opening in the water.
4: On your way past the abandoned buildings, a charm is on your way, under a collapsed floor.
5: When heading though the sewers to get the key, take a detour left into a litle room to get this charm.
6: On your way out, you will come across some wood that needs to be smashed with those creatures that shoot at you with poison. It's in a little vent next to them.
7: Follow your Heart?
8: Follow your Heart?

Mission 8: The Loyalists

No Bone Charms during this mission

Mission 9: The Light at the End

No Bone Charms during this mission



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