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Dishonored: Runes Locations Guide

Runes are used to unlock and improve your powers and abilities. You start with BLINK, however for more powerful supernatural abilities, you will need runes. You can find Runes easily with your Heart.

Mission 1: Dishonored

No Runes during this mission

Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

1: Go to Granny Rags. Go into her garden. A shrine is there.
2: Help Granny Rags and she gives you a rune.
3: Help Granny Rags again and she will give you another.
4: On your way to Holdor Square, there is a guard hut/post on the left. A rune is in there with a note.
5: Enter the secret chamber in the basement (where the first sokolov painting is). The rune is in the cabinet.
6: Go into the meeting chamber. Before interacting with the glasses, grab the Rune on the wall above the fireplace.
7: When near the end of the mission, climb onto the roof and break the sky light of the workshop (or enter the door?) to enter and grab the rune.

Extra: Pub area

1: Drop into the sewers below the pub (when you head there after mission 2). There is a rune in a desk.
2: Near to #1, in the water behind a gate.
3: Swim out of the sewer below the pub and out to the rocks.
4: You can also buy a rune from Piero at his workshop.

Mission 3: House of Pleasure

1: When breaking into the safe to get the sokolov painting of the Art Dealers house, inside the safe is a rune.
2: Inside Dr Galvani's house, head up to his secret room on the top floor. A rune is now in place of where the disected rat was last mission.
3: When in the final zone, approaching The Golden Cat, climb into the buildings on your right. It's on the top floor of a broken building.
4: Go to the top of The Golden Cat, there is a rune in a room with a working girl. (Near Emily.)
5: On the wall, in the room just off of the large open area with the two dancing women. Easy to find with your Heart.

Mission 4: The Royal Physician

1: In the first area. Get this before heading off to the area with the Bridge. Go around the back of the building (water side) and climb up the chain.
2: As soon as you enter the next area, there are two guards talking. Blink to the balcony above them on the left, and go up to the safe.
3: Blink your way across the roofs and balconies to get this next one.
4: You should pass this in the room just before you get to the bridge via the broken buildings.
5: When you meet Sokolov in his greenhouse, there is a rune on the table.

Mission 5: Lady Boyle's Last Party

1: Before heading into the party, climb the roofs on the far side and climb or blink into the window to find the shrine.
2: Before heading to the party, drop down into the canal. The rune is under water.
3: Inside the party. Go to the kitchen and posess a rat. Use the rat to climb down the vents and enter the locked store room. on the lowest level of the building.

Mission 6: Return to the Tower

1: Head down to the lower level to the Torturer. There is a shrine here.
2: Head into the master bedroom of Lord Regent Hiram Burrows (light blue/white coloured room). In the chest at the end of the bed.
3: After defeating the goal, head back into the planning room before leaving the tower. It's sitting on the large table.
4: On your way back to the boat stop by this rune in the warehouse in the heavily guarded zone outside the tower.

Mission 7: The Flood District

1: Go to where your gear is. Before climbing up the refinery, go out to the wasteland and get the rune.
2: After getting the key from the main target, drop down into the hidden tunnels. It's sitting on a table.
3: When heading though the tunnels, simply drop down into the alley way and pick up this rune.
4: Follow your Heart?
5: Follow your Heart?

Mission 8: The Loyalists

1: In Piero's workshop, top floor.

Mission 9: The Light at the End

1: Follow your Heart?



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