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Data sources

All information on this site was aquired by staff of this site, via the game or publically available sources. All locations have been confirmed, and recorded, by staff of this website.

AC2F is not the first site to offer the feather locations in Assassin's Creed 2 by far, however this site allows you to precisely track which feathers you have found... making the process alot easier!

This site is part of DrMong's Gaming Network - a group of websites offering helpful tools and data all for free.


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The Feathers

This is how the feathers are allowcated numbers and IDs on this website.

Area Count ID Range Area Code
Florence 27 1 - 27 F. ie. F10
Mon/Villa 4 28 - 31 M. ie. M2
Tuscany 11 32 - 42 T. ie. T7
Romanga/Forli 12 43 - 54 R. ie. R9
Venice 46 55 - 100 V. ie. V23

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You can use this website as an easy way to track which feathers you have got, and which you need to go back to get.

Florence: 0/27 Villa: 0/4 Tuscany: 0/11 Romanga/Forli: 0/12 Venice: 0/46