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Paintings and collectibles walkthrough

Mission 3 » « Mission 1


Powers: You will need supernatural powers to get to some collectibles and achievements / trophies.

Art collector: Paintings are in RED below.

Achievements / trophies: are in BLUE below.

Coins: You should search around as much as you can. A lot of items give you coin, which will be needed to buy runes and maps.

Mission 2 Walkthrough

This guide contains spoilers. Missable items:







Mission start

You wake up in your bedroom on the ship, but are actually in the Void. Go through and get your supernatural powers and your first runes. Once back in reality, you should jump in the water and locate the rune on the sea floor.

Optional objective: Unlock the door

Drop down over the side of the ship from above to the open window hatch in the ceiling of the locked room. Use your sword on the plank of wood blocking the door. Get in the skiff and go to shore.

Heart Whispers Achievement / Trophy

Go to shore and use your Heart! Listen to the secrets of people by using your heart while aimed at them. You will hear their secret. Do this to 40 different people from now on. It will take a while. You can also do it to guards and soldiers.

Royal Spymaster Achievement / Trophy

"Perused all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Wale"

Every time you are on the Dreadful Wale, find every item to read or listen to.

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Keep a low profile to avoid scaring off the musical duo for the Songs of Serkonos Achievement / Trophy later in the mission (details below).

Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 1

Title: The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell

Once you get to shore, and before you go anywhere - there is a building in front of you with a window/door open on a balcony. Far Reach / Blink your way up. The first painting is inside the room.

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Blackmarket dealer

Work your way around to the left to find the dealer. They have a rune for sale.

Morbid Theft Achievement / Trophy

Optional objective: Get help from Mindy. Work your way around to the bloodfly infested house. To the left of the window is a blocked gate. Just out and above is an open window. Use Far Reach / Blink to get into the window. Go through the other window and drop down. Talk to mindy. This starts a side quest to get a body. Complete this for the achievement / trophy.

Black Market Burglar Achievement / Trophy

While in the Bloodfly infested house, go to the fish tank full of bloodfly and smash it, inside is the Black Market Shop Key. Go back to the Blackmarket dealer, stay in stealth and loot everything you can. This will get you the achievement.

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Stay of Execution Achievement / Trophy

Go through the Bloodfly infested house. Exit onto the walkway. To the right is a Gate of Light. A good idea to quick save here. Quickly Far Reach / Blink your way over it (above it is an open window) and drop down and deal with the guy about to throw someone through the gate. Stop the execution to unlock this achievement / trophy.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 2

Title: The Outsider in Conditional Dreams

Now proceed through the mission. Get to and deactivate the Wall of Light windmill (open windows above it). Near the windmill is a building. Go up to the top floor and find a Rune and Outsider Shrine. In that little bathroom is a painting of the Outsider.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 3

Title: The Vice Overseer's Predicate Logic

Go to the overseer outpost and up two levels. In the safe is a rune. By the desk is a painting on the wall.

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Safe combination: Overseer outpost

Combination: random

The combination is random each playthrough. There is a note on the desk in the previous room. This gives you the clue of how to solve it. It will give you three of the seven commandments. Next to the safe is a book of commandments. Match the commandments with the numbers for the combination.

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Songs of Serkonos Achievement / Trophy

The first of the three musical duos can be found now. Go along from the Overseer outpost, through the gates. The duo should be in the streets playing music. You must keep a low profile or you will scare them off.

Second duo is in Mission 6, third is Mission 8.

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Morbid Theft Achievement / Trophy

Go up a level and get the corpse for Mindy. Bring it to her for the achievement / trophy.

Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 4

Title: Hypatia's Projective Gaze

Go into the safe shop. On a desk is a key to Dr Hypatia's apartment, which is upstairs. A painting is on her wall in her apartment.

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Safe combination: Safe shop

Combination: Random

The combination is in the cash register. The combination is random each playthrough.

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Mission end

Now go to the station and complete the mission (if you're ready).

Mission 3 » « Mission 1
Runes 10
Outsider Shrines 2
Bonecharms 6
Coins 3354
Paintings 4
Blueprints 2
Devon the Electric Racer
Missions Art Collector

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