The Good Doctor

Paintings and collectibles walkthrough

Mission 4 » « Mission 2


Powers: You will need supernatural powers to get to some collectibles and achievements / trophies.

Art collector: Paintings are in RED below.

Achievements / trophies: are in BLUE below.

Coins: You should search around as much as you can. A lot of items give you coin, which will be needed to buy runes and maps.

Mission 3 Walkthrough

This guide contains spoilers. Missable items:







Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 1

Title: Duke Abele's Propositional State

Go in to the main lobby. To the right of the Gate of Light is a painting.

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Safe combination: Office safe

Combination: Random

Go up to the same level above the Gate of Light. Remove the whale oil. Follow around to the office. In the corner is a safe. Letter on the desk on the opposite side of the room tells you the code.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 2

Title: Anton Sokolov in Subtractive Light

Get in the elevator, and Far Reach / Blink through the ceiling hatch. Destroy the red brakes on the elevator to make it fall and crash into the basement. Climb down through the hatch and into the basement "Lost and Found" area. The painting is in this room on the left. This is also an optional objective of the mission.

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Fearless Fall Achievement / Trophy

Dropped from Addemire's highest point, taking out an enemy below.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 3

Title: I Regard Her, Within and Without

Once you have found Dr Alexandra Hypatia, go around to the little office in that area with a rune on the desk. Above the desk is a painting on the wall.

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Counter-serum Achievement / Trophy

Chatted with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Wale.

You need to do the optional non-lethal takedown at the end.

Mission end

Complete the mission.

Mission 4 » « Mission 2
Runes 6
Outsider Shrines 1
Bonecharms 5
Coins 2206
Paintings 3
Blueprints 3
Devon the Electric Racer
Missions Art Collector

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