What is the verbal microphone password for the secret RAK bunker in Updaam?

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The secret door to the side of the map with the verbal microphone password needs a note discovery.

Note: This is a portion of the Radio Silence main quest. You can view the entire process here:

View the full Radio Silence Walkthrough.

Updaam: Find the RAK

Your journey starts with The RAK in Updaam.

1. On your first visits to Updaam you may have got "A Gap in the Vanguard" note on the side of the Garage. This tells you the garage is going to be left open during Afternoon.

2. Visit Updaam in the Afternoon and enter the Garage. Go up to the AEON office on the top floor.

3. Go in to the side room and find the "Classified Information" note in the bookshelf. This gives you the code to open the RAK bunker door.

4. Go back out and down to the bunker door and press the button, it should now let you in.

View the full Radio Silence Walkthrough.

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