Radio Silence - how to power up the power station and HZN Bunkers across Blackreef

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Accessing the RAK and powering up the power station and HZN Bunkers

Radio Silence, and accessing the HZN Horizon Bunkers is a pretty long chain of discoveries.

This entire process is needed to complete the game, so must be done!

Updaam: Find the RAK

Your journey starts with The RAK in Updaam.

Accessing the RAK - Microphone password


Find the RAK Bunker. This is near the main entrance, down from the garage.

It needs a password via the microphone locked door.

Updaam - Morning

Note on side of Garage says the Garage door will be open slightly in Afternoon.

Updaam - Afternoon

Enter the garage

Updaam - Afternoon

Go up to AEON Office. In the side room with the bookcase is a note tucked away. This gives you the verbal password for the RAK microphone lock.


Updaam - RAK

Find note "Where The Power Lies".

Enter the RAK with the password you found in the AEON Office. Explore. Go to the end and find the note on the wall next to the next microphone lock (that needs 3 passwords).

This gives you the power station code.

The Complex Power Station Code

The Complex - Morning

Go to The Complex in the morning, when the power station door is open. On the main control console is a small code input. Use the code you found from the RAK.


If you forgot where your 3 digit code is: Open your Journal and go to VISIONARY LEADS. 'Divert The Power' lead will have your code.

Unlock HZN Bunkers

The Complex - Morning

You must now power up the generators in the Power Station. Each bunker needs 200 units of power (two generators). There are six generators, but only 5 can be easily powered up (one has mines on it). Therefore, you may need to do this over two days.

Find the batteries to kick-start the generators. Once you have enough power pull the lever to power up the corresponding HZN Bunker in the four zones.

Access the HZN Bunkers

The Complex - Tidevarv Station

Once power has been supplied to the HZN Bunkers you can access them. The closest one is Tidevarv Station, just outside the power station in The Complex.

Fristad Rock - HZN Bunker - Sova Station

HZN Sova Station Code: HZN Bunker in Fristad Rock has one of the passwords on a note.

Updaam - HZN Bunker - Yasen Station

HZN Yasen Station Code: HZN Bunker in Updaam has one of the passwords on a note.

Karl's Bay - HZN Bunker - Akkar Station

HZN Akkar Station Code: HZN Bunker in Fristad Rock has one of the passwords on an audio cassette - which is part of a cutscene.

Updaam Return to The Rak

Once you've collected all three codes, return to the RAK in Updaam and access the hanger area.

A cutscene is shown.

This is needed to complete the game.

Return here once all Visionairies are dead to get to the end part of the story.

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