How to get into the Mask Maker's Shop in Karl's Bay Deathloop

Deathloop guide

The Mask Maker in Deathloop can be saved to allow access to his workshop in the Afternoon and Evening. Here's a step by step guide how to access the Mask Shop.

1. Go to Karl's Bay - Morning.

2. Amador, the Green Head Mask guy, is being sacrificed by Harriet in Hanger 2. He is on the hook being lowered into the gas. Go to Hanger 2.

3. Interrupt the sacrifice as quick as possible. Try and prevent the hook from being lowered. If you don't make yourself known quick enough he will start to be lowered into the gas - making it much harder to save him.

4. Clear Hanger 2, making sure Amador does not die.

5. Go to Karl's Bay - Afternoon.

6. Go to the Mask Maker Amador's Mask Shop, the door will be open.

Tip: Inside is the head for Charlie's Game - Haul-A-Quin.

Haul-A-Quin Head location

Charlie's Game: Haul-A-Quin

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