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Charlie's Haul-A-Quin in Karl's Bay is one of Charlie's Games.

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Karl's Bay Mask Shop - Hanger 2, Mask Shop, and Haul-A-Quin locations.

Save Amador - the mask shop owner.

Karl's Bay - Morning

Head to Hanger 2 straight away and interrupt the sacrifice of Amador - the mask shop owner. We need him alive so that he can open his shop later in the day.

Find a battery

Karl's Bay Morning

We now need to find a battery to power up the Haul A Quin. There's a few ways to get a battery in this game, but I think the easiest is just take one out of a turret.

Order a crank wheel from the Delivery Booth vending machine

Karl's Bay Morning

Go to the vending machine to order a Crank Wheel.

Where to get the Delivery Booth code

Enter the Big Smiley mask shop

Karl's Bay Afternoon

Next step is to go to Karl's Bay Afternoon. Make your way to the Big Smiley Mask shop. You'll find Amador inside, but we no longer need him.

Take the head from the Big Smiley to the Haul-A-Quin

Karl's Bay Afternoon

Charlie's Haul a Quin head is on the table. Pick it up and take it to the Haul A Quin machine. Put the Head on the Haul-A-Quin.

Get the Crank Wheel and put it on the Haul-A-Quin

Karl's Bay Afternoon

Go to the delivery booth vending machine to get your Crank Wheel you ordered earlier.

Get a Turret (or order one)

Karl's Bay Afternoon

Find a turret and hack it, pick it up, and take it to the Haul-A-Quin. That's it!

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