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Deathloop achievements guide

Die every which way as Colt: Drown. Fall. Choke on poison gas. Succumb to fatal depressurization. Get blown up. Shot. Stabbed. Ground up. Fried by a rocket. Oh, and obliterated by a reactor. Fun, right?

This is mostly self expanatory.

Allow yourself to die in every way listed in the achievement.



Choke on poison gas

Succumb to fatal depressurization

Get blown up



Ground up.

Fried by a rocket

Obliterated by a reactor

How to Drown, fall to death, get shot, get stabbed

You can probably do these ones! Stabbed by a machete wielding NPC or wait for an invading Julianna to get your from behind!

How to choke on poison gas

There are various places in the game with gas available. Hanger 2 in Karl's Bay: Morning for example. You can even use a Gas releasing weapon and gas yourself.

How to get ground up.

In Aleksis' manor in Updaam: Evening under the stage is a meat grinder. You can press the button on the walkway above (see Alpha Burger help video) and then jump down and grind yourself up.

There is also the new Garbage Disposal Facility grinder in Karl's Bay: Afternoon.

How to succumb to fatal depressurization

Go to The Complex: Afternoon. Go to Wenjie's main lab. Go in the big tower over the water and get spotted by the sensors. Wenjie clones will leave the building and the doors will seal. The air will then get sucked out of the area.

If you have health increasing trinkets you may need to damage yourself first since the vacuum only lasts long enough to do 100% of health damage.

How to get fried by a rocket

This is probably the most difficult one.

Go to Updaam: Noon and make your way to Charlie's Mansion. Sneak up to (or sneak up to top level and work your way down to) the 'Planet's Surface' (the brownish orangy level with carboard rocks). You must stealth this, but can silently kill.

Listen to the Eternalists talk about their Ship - the rocket in the middle of the building - until you unlock a new piece of intel for 2-BIT.

Make sure you're far enough into the story/leads to have access and control over 2-BIT. Go to 2-BIT and you should see an option to turn on / launch the rocket.

Go to the rocket and add three batteries to the battery slots. Now go back to 2-BIT and it should allow you to turn on the rocket. Once firing up rush up to the top 'Space' level of the area and jump into the flames. This will fry you!

How to get obliterated by a reactor

Go to Fristad Rock: Noon and Enter Fia's Factured Image bunker. Get spotted by guards, make enough noise, etc for the alarm to go off. Fia will make the reactor meltdown. Let it!

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