How do you complete Devouring of the Lambs

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Identify Aleksis for Devouring of the lambs lead, and Alpha Burger

Video: Devouring of the Lambs and Alpha Burger - Aleksis using his meat grinder - Deathloop

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1. Get "Mine Own" trinket from Karl's Bay - Otto's Container behind Hanger 2 (open in Evening, or get Otto's code from his Minicom after stopping his workshop burning down by cutting the power).

2. Sneak into the mansion and use "Mine Own" trinket to disable the mines protecting the beer supply.

3. Turn off the Chocolate Beer supply.

4. Go upstairs quickly and watch as Aleksis gets mad - this will identify him.

5. Go on to the walkway above the main room, and wait a few minutes. Press the button on the walkway to open the trap door.

This completes Devouring of the Lambs and Alpha Burger achievement.

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