Ghost At The Feast

Deathloop achievements guide

Kill 3 targets at Aleksis' party without being seen. Leave Updaam satisfied, knowing you made the party a better place.

This is one for the stealth lovers.

A few pointers:

1. You can 'alert' the NPCs - where they get yellow markers above their head. They will search for you (or whatever they thought they heard) but as long as they don't spot you you're good.

2. You can kill Aleksis with his own meat grinder. He is easy to spot with his 2x golden SMGs. See here for help on this: How to kill Aleksis with his own meat grinder.

3. Wenjie and Egor will start on the roof. They are talking on the roof to the left (above the main party hall area).

4. You can sneak in to the mansion from the left window entrance above the rocks. (Where there is scaffolding.)

How to Kill 3 targets at Aleksis' party without being seen

You must progress to the point where you can complete the game in one day so that all three guests are at the party.

Stealth in and eliminate all three without being seen. This can be one of the more challenging ones.

I used Nexus and Shift slabs, with silenced LIMP-10 and the trinket to make you move quietly.

Nexus and silence kill your way to Aleksis' manor. I always go through the Candy shop and out the back, along the left (by Charlie's mansion) and Shift / double jump across the gap to the left of the HZN bunker.

Climb through the window on the left of the Manor and sneak up to the roof. I cleared the Eternalists first with Nexus and a single silenced headshot. This will 'alert' Wenjie and Egor. They will start looking for you but as long as they don't see you it's fine. Take them out one by one or both together.

I then go down a level and sneak in to wait for Aleksis to get on stage then grind him up. Wait a few momements for the Eternalists to spread out and lower their guard. Then simply sneak back to your tunnels!

Once you leave the map the achievement will pop.

Oh, and make sure you're playing in offline or friends-only mode! A human Juliana will mess this (and your whole day) up.

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