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DLC Delays

The delay in kit upgrades DLC for Battlefield Bad Company 2 also affects the Dr Pepper promotion in North America. The kits are coming soon.

Going back to the studio tomorrow to work on Balance tweaks. On the list: M60, M1911, and AA. Up, down, sideways? I won't say...

First week's stats

Since launch a week ago, BFBC2 has already put EA servers through the following stress:

The 4 different soldier types have gathered a score of more than 34 Billion.
There's been more than 400M kills made.
1.3M roadkills
Squads and Teams have assisted each other to 6.2 Billion points.

Game Bug: Weapon stats incorrectly tracking

M1 Garand kills are tracked correctly but it awards stars for the M1A1 when using it.
The M1A1 on the other hand has Zero stat tracking whatsoever. You will not earn kills/shots fired/stars when using it.

Game Bug: Weapon unlocks incorrectly shown

The in-game menus showing weapon unlocks do not match up with when you actually unlock them.
For example, the game tells you you will unlock the G3 at level 25. However it will actually be unlocked at 22. This is the case for all rank based unlocks.

Game Bug: Leaderboards rankings

The in-game leaderboards show the rank of players incorrectly. It will always show their next rank, not current.

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