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# Rank Title Unlocks Experience Difference
rank M9 Pistol | M1 Garand00
rank Private I870 Combat6,5006,500
rank Private IISaiga 20K Semi11,0004,500
rank Private IIIMP-443 Grach18,5007,500
rank Specialist IM1911 .4528,0009,500
rank Specialist IIKit: Light Combat Equipment40,00012,000
rank Specialist IIIKit: Ammo Hip Bandolier53,00013,000
rank Corporal IGrenade Vest68,00015,000
rank Corporal IIKit: Explosives Leg Pouch84,00016,000
rank Corporal IIIKit: Extended Shotgun Magazine100,00016,000
rank Sergeant IM1A1 Thompson120,00020,000
rank Sergeant IITracer Dart Gun138,00018,000
rank Sergeant IIIMP-412 Rex158,00020,000
rank Staff Sergeant IM93R Burst179,00021,000
rank Staff Sergeant IIKit: Ceramic Body Armor200,00021,000
rank Staff Sergeant IIIKit: Magnum Ammunition224,00024,000
rank Master Sergeant IKit: 12 Gauge Slugs247,00023,000
rank Master Sergeant IIKit: Improved Demolitions272,00025,000
rank Master Sergeant IIISPAS-12 Combat297,00025,000
rank First Sergeant IM14 Mod 0 Enhanced323,00026,000
rank First Sergeant IINeostead 2000 Combat350,00027,000
rank First Sergeant IIIUSAS-12 Auto377,00027,000
rank Warrant Officer IG3405,00028,000
rank Warrant Officer II437,00032,000
rank Warrant Officer III472,00035,000
rank Chief Warrant Officer I537,00065,000
rank Chief Warrant Officer II620,00083,000
rank Chief Warrant Officer III720,000100,000
rank 2nd Lieutenant I832,000112,000
rank 2nd Lieutenant II956,000124,000
rank 2nd Lieutenant III1,090,000134,000
rank 1st Lieutenant I1,240,000150,000
rank 1st Lieutenant II1,400,000160,000
rank 1st Lieutenant III1,550,000150,000
rank Captain I1,730,000180,000
rank Captain II1,900,000170,000
rank Captain III2,100,000200,000
rank Major I2,300,000200,000
rank Major II2,500,000200,000
rank Major III2,700,000200,000
rank Lieutenant Colonel I2,900,000200,000
rank Lieutenant Colonel II3,140,000240,000
rank Lieutenant Colonel III3,370,000230,000
rank Colonel I3,600,000230,000
rank Colonel II3,800,000200,000
rank Colonel III4,010,000210,000
rank Brigadier General I4,300,000290,000
rank Brigadier General II4,600,000300,000
rank Brigadier General III4,900,000300,000
rank General5,100,000200,000
rank General of the Army5,400,000300,000

Levels 0-50 are based off player data.

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