Battlefield Bad Company 2 Rankings Guide and Calculator
Experience table and classes guide for BC2 Multiplayer

XBOX360 Achievements / PS3 Trophies

Multiplayer Knowledge Reach rank 1015 GSBronze
Multiplayer Elite Reach rank 2250 GSSilver
Assault Expert Unlock 3 weapons in the Assault kit15 GSBronze
Engineer Expert Unlock 3 weapons in the Engineer kit15 GSBronze
Medic Expert Unlock 3 weapons in the Medic kit15 GSBronze
Recon Expert Unlock 3 weapons in the Recon kit15 GSBronze
Battlefield Expert Obtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks50 GSGold
15 Minutes of Fame Play for 15 minutes15 GSBronze
Mission... Accomplished. In a round do one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-715 GSBronze
Pistol Man Get 5 kills with every handgun in the game15 GSBronze
Airkill Roadkill an enemy with any helicopter15 GSBronze
Et Tu, Brute? Knife 5 friends15 GSBronze
Demolition Man Get 20 demolish kills15 GSBronze
Careful Guidence Destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG15 GSBronze
The Dentist Do a headshot kill with the repair tool15 GSBronze
Won Them All Win a round in all online game modes15 GSBronze
Squad Player Obtain the Gold Squad Pin 5 times30 GSBronze
Combat Service Support Do 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists15 GSBronze
Award Aware Obtain 10 unique awards15 GSBronze
Award Addicted Obtain 50 unique awards30 GSSilver
Bad Company EliteObtain all Campaign and Online trophies.N/APlatinum
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