The Grand Palace

Paintings and collectibles walkthrough

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Powers: You will need supernatural powers to get to some collectibles and achievements / trophies.

Art collector: Paintings are in RED below.

Achievements / trophies: are in BLUE below.

Coins: You should search around as much as you can. A lot of items give you coin, which will be needed to buy runes and maps.

Mission 8 Walkthrough

This guide contains spoilers. Missable items:







Royal Spymaster Achievement / Trophy

"Perused all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Wale"

Every time you are on the Dreadful Wale, find every item to read or listen to.

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You will need to keep a low profile (stealth) to find the musical duos for the Songs of Serkonos achievement.

Rob the Blackmarket shop

You can rob the Blackmarket dealer here by going into the safe shop, finding the gate combination. Finding out the door has a password. Then going to the room with the mannequins in the window (near the guard tower) where the boat trader has their cargo held... and listening to the audiograph on the desk. Then go back to the blackmarket dealer via the gate next to the safe shop.

Once you gain access to the blackmarket shop you can pickpocket his key and proceed through the shop. This gives you an alternate way around the map.

Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 1

Title: Daud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons

While in the streets before getting to the palace, near the guard tower (to the right of it if looking towards the gate) there is a balcony with a cable going over it. Far Reach / Blink your way up and go around to the back of the apartment. Painting on the wall.

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Songs of Serkonos Achievement / Trophy

The third of the three musical duos can be found now. Near the guard tower is a NO TRESSPASSING sign, go down that alley and find the muscial duo.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 2

Title: Her Face is My Smile

Now go to the Palace. Work your way up to the same level as the Duke Luca Abele office / bathroom. On this level is a room with a grand piano. Next to the piano is a painting.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 3

Title: My Name on Their Lips

On the same level of the building, work your way into the Dukes room. Painting on the wall above the fireplace.

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Mission 9 » « Mission 7
Runes 5
Outsider Shrines 1
Bonecharms 7
Coins 4430
Paintings 3
Blueprints 3
Devon the Electric Racer
Missions Art Collector

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