Where is the code for the Karl's Bay boat house safe?

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How to access the boatsman's Boat House safe in Karl's Bay. This safe requires the sailor's safe code.

Karl's Bay Sailor's Safe

There is a Sailor's Safe in Karl's Bay Boat house - here's how to unlock it. This safe requires the magic of 'time travel'.

Karl's Bay Boat House Safe

Fristad Rock: Afternoon

To open the Karl's Bay safe you actually need to head to Fristad Rock.

1. Fristad Rock Afternoon. Go to the boat crash / landing site. There is an open safe on the ice. Inside it is the note 'Salt-Scented Page'. This note gives you the code for the safe it is inside. (This is the same safe as in Karl's Bay.)

Salt-Scented Note Fristad Rock Map Location Salt-Scented Note Fristad Rock Salt-Scented Note Fristad Rock 2

Karl's Bay: Morning

2. Head to Karl's bay Morning.

3. Go to the boat house in Karl's Bay. The Sailor is preparing his boat craft for launch at Noon. His safe is sitting on the floor. You now know the code since you found the same safe in the Afternoon.

4. Open the safe to find a Trinket and the same note you've already read later in the day.

Karl's Bay Boat House Opened safe in Karl's Bay Boat House
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