How do you get into Pick Rexly's Door in Karl's Bay?

Deathloop guide

Pick's apartment in Karl's Bay has a code lock and two blue lasers to get past.

Go to Karl's Bay in the Evening. Climb up to Pick's apartment above Vanya's.

You can see Pick's apartment marked on my Karl's Bay map. It's towards the South West of the map.

They will have slipped the note under their door to tell you the door code.

Go to Karl's Bay in the Afternoon. Climb up to Pick's apartment again.

Open the door so that the blue lasers do not hit you - if they do the door code lock will be powered down and you will not be able to unlock the door.

Use Shift to go past the lasers.

Open the code lock with the code you got in the Evening.

Pick is inside, alive. There is a cutscene.

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