Storm Shelter Door Locks, Fristad Rock: How to find the three lock codes

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In Fristad Rock there is a storm shelter bunker with three code locks to access the Archives. These require you to access the two doors with Doorbells in Updaam and Karl's bay. Here's how.

This guide covers:
Fristad Rock Archives (behind the Storm Shelter three code locks).
The Updaam Apartment with a doorbell.
The Karl's Bay Warehouse with a doorbell.

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First code

Second code

Third code

To access the Storm Shelter Intelligence Archives and the doors with doorbells in various maps, go to Fristad Rock in the Morning at low tide.

Enter the Storm Shelter. Listen to the Audio Cassette on the blue sofa.

Hack the radio to hear the coordinates and doorbell counts.

Go to Updaam in the Morning, and go to the Apartment above Otto's. This is not accessible if Otto's burns down. Press the doorbell however many times your radio transmission said. Inside, find the note called Starbird's Lucky Numbers for the second code.

Next to Karl's Bay. Again press the doorbell however many times your tranmission said to. Inside, find the note called Beetlequeen's Lucky Numbers for the final code.

Return to the Storms Shelter and enter the three codes. Inside is a bunch of hints to complete various parts of the game, and a little audio recording from the past.

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