How to unlock the 3 code door in Updaam The Pact of Smoke

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How to find all three codes for The Past of Smoke locked door in Updaam.

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How to open the door in Updaam (The Pact of Smoke) with the three code locks.
This takes 2 or 3 days.
Visit Updaam Morning (day 1): Cassandra's first code is in a note on the table next to the smoking device.
Codes are randomised per savefile. So yours will be different than mine.
Updaam Morning (day 1): Press the button once for Vanya.
Karl's Bay Afternoon (day 1): Vanya's code is in her house.
Updaaam Morning (day 2): Press the button twice for Anatoly the next day.
Karl's Bay Afternoon (day 2): Anatoly's code is in his house.
Updaam (day 3): Open the door and enjoy its contents.

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