How to complete Charlie's Reward Scheme - Super Shifty

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How to complete Charlie's Reward Scheme - Super Shifty

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How to complete Charlie's Reward Scheme - Super Shifty - and get the Heritage Gun (Legendary Shotgun) in Deathloop.

To get the Legendary Heritage shotgun, and finish the Super Shifty lead. You'll want to go to Karl's Bay in the Evening where there are a bunch of reward boxes around the map. Enter Fathoms of Lament, and check the map. This shows you which boxes need opening.

Some NPCs will open the boxes out in the open if you don't. Some explode, some have a trinket.

The Dawn of Reason locked door is one of three challenges. You can sneak in through a window to work out the code before starting the challenge, which is bit of a cheat. Around the building there are four diagrams which show you the code.

The outer ring corresponds to the keypad numbers. The inner lines are the position of that number. The codes are randomised.

Once you pull the lever you get a few minutes to solve the puzzle, but we've cheated and have worked it out already.

In Hanger 2 there is another challenge. This time you need to pull the levers in the correct order in the time limit. Your order will probably be different. You can tell which is next by the little light and the sound they make.

Open any remaining boxes across the map.

Once all are done you're ready for the final challenge in Fathoms of Lament - which is pulling levers in the correct order again - this time with lasers that fail you if triggered. You can also check the positions here first, so you know where they roughly are which makes it easier.

Once this is complete you can go back and get your Legendary Shotgun.

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