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Deathloop achievements guide

Kill all versions of Wenjie within a 90-second period. Simple.

This may take a few attempts. It's a bit harder than it sounds.

I find it best to go with a silenced weapon and the Nexus and Shift slabs. Try and stay undetected.

Making noise or alerting Wenjie to your presence will make them run around and it makes it harder to locate them quickly.

I started with the Green Lab Annex, kill the three Wenjies inside with Nexus. Jump up and kill the Two on the walkway around the tower. Get the sniper Wenjie on the blue annex to the right.

Go inside the tower and use nexus to get the three or four Wenjies inside. Drop down and go to the Security area and kill the two in there. Go back out and Shift up to the middle level and go down the tunnel to the Blue Lab Annex.

Kill the two on the upper floor of the Blue lab and then kill the one or two below.

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