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Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages location guide

Mapped locations and video guides for all 10 Memoir Pages.

Animus Data Fragments Locations Guide

Mapped locations and video guides for all 100 fragments.

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  • stoffel

    #144 - 23rd Sep 2016 12:40

    check Cappadocia, very near the book store is another fragment, on the map you almost can't see because the book, zoom in

  • stoffel

    #143 - 23rd Sep 2016 12:32

    i am at 90% in the game, have no more missions to do. ( i think)
    how do i end the game?????

  • Guest1127633563

    #142 - 6th Jul 2015 17:32

    In one of my friends new games he got this http://www.mlwgames.com/acr/im g/maps/ishak-pasha-memoirs.png
    if u serch it u get some kind of map he got the same picture in his game package on paper what is it!!!!!!!

  • GuestAhshdjdajsj

    #141 - 17th Jan 2015 23:03

    What is the map called

  • Guest356986897

    #140 - 19th Jun 2014 21:20

    i have 99 fragments and turned off everything on the map except for fragments and it doesnt show one in cappadocia, contantinople, and masyaf. i play on the ps3 if that helps. any clues?

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