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AC: Revelations Guide - Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages location map

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Ishak Pasha Memoirs Pages map Arsenal Bayezid North Bayezid South Constantine North 1 Constantine North 2 Constantine South 1 Constantine South 2 Imperial North Imperial South Galata


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  • Guest1127633563

    #142 - 6th Jul 2015 17:32

    In one of my friends new games he got this http://www.mlwgames.com/acr/im g/maps/ishak-pasha-memoirs.png
    if u serch it u get some kind of map he got the same picture in his game package on paper what is it!!!!!!!

  • GuestAhshdjdajsj

    #141 - 17th Jan 2015 23:03

    What is the map called

  • Guest356986897

    #140 - 19th Jun 2014 21:20

    i have 99 fragments and turned off everything on the map except for fragments and it doesnt show one in cappadocia, contantinople, and masyaf. i play on the ps3 if that helps. any clues?

  • Guest asdf

    Guest asdf
    #139 - 1st Dec 2013 18:08

    5 fragments – Desmond’s Journey episode 1 unlocked

    10 fragments – Desmond’s Journey episode 2 unlocked

    15 fragments – Desmond’s Journey episode 3 unlocked

    20 fragments – Desmond’s Journey episode 4 unlocked

    25 fragments – Unlocks a map revealing the locations of Ishak Pasha’s 10 Memoir Pages that can be bought in any book shop in Constantinople for 12,075 Akçe (Collecting all of the Memoir Pages unlocks a secret area in Hagia Sophia that leads to a tomb with Ishak Pasha’s unbreakable armor set, which is the strongest armor in the game, alongside the Master Assassin armor set)

    30 fragments – Desmond’s Journey episode 5 unlocked
    Desmond skin unlocked (with completion of all 5 episodes)

    50 fragments – The locations of the remaining 50 appear on the map

    100 fragments – Receive the “Capped” trophy/achievement

    Hope this helps! ^_^

  • Guest123

    #138 - 10th Apr 2013 16:53

    if you get 25 of the data fragments it will reveal the location of all the ishak pashar memoir pages which can reveal the tomb and you can get the best armour in the game even better than the master assassin armour

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