Homestead Quests Guide

Build up the Davenport Homestead

By building up your Hometead you earn the 'House Party', 'A Complete Set' and 'An Extraordinary Man' achievements / trophies. By using your Artisans you can also earn the 'Patent not Pending' achievement.

This is four part guide

  1. An Extraordinary Man Achievement
  2. Homestead Villagers
  3. Homestead Missions Walthrough
  4. Patent not Pending Achievement

The Homestead side story is a pretty deep and fun story that can really benefit the rest of your gameplay, through crafting and selling products to raise money. However you can complete the main story first, and come back and do the Homestead missions later.

Using the Artisans to generate large amounts of cash is the best way to also afford the upgrades for your ship.

An Extraordinary Man Achievement / Trophy - Encyclopedia of the Common Man

Target your Homestead's villagers (like you're going to shoot them) and listen to them to fill in your Encyclopedia.

Homestead Villagers

This is a list of your Homestead Characters, and the order in which you unlock them. Before unlocking a character, you must first complete the previous missions in the missions list.

The list of missions is below.


The lumberjacks are unlocked with Homestead Mission 1. This is part of the main story.

Lance the Woodworker

Lance is unlocked with mission 2. He can be found in various places, sometimes with other villagers. Usually at his workshop in the central part of the map.

Myriam the Huntress

Myriam is unlocked with mission 3. She can be found in the northern part of the map, in her hunting camp. Also sometimes up in the trees.

The Farmers

Prudince and her Husband, the Farmers are unlocked with mission 5, in The Frontier. Their farm is towards the North West of the map.

Morris the Miner

Unlocked with mission 7, in Boston. Morris lives and works down in the South West part of the Homestead Map. He lives in a remote house on top of a cliff. His mine (where you can scan him working) is south and down at the lower area.

The Innkeepers

Innkeepers are unlocked with mission 9. They can usually be found working behind their Inn in the central part of the map. Usually preparing food or in the barn.

Dr. White

Lyle White, the Doctor is unlocked with mission 13, in New York. He is found in the main area of the central part of the map. He is usually around in the fields examining flowers.

Big Dave, the Blacksmith

Big Dave the Blacksmith is unlocked with mission 17, in The Frontier. Once he is back at your Homestead he can be found working in the South Eastern part of the main built up area. He can also be seen helping Morris and possibly the other villagers.

Ellen, the Tailor

Ellen is unlocked with mission 19, in New York. Once you help her move to your Homestead she can be found also in the main built up area, towards the North West.

The Priest

The Priest is unlocked with mission 21. He can be found at the newly built church...

At this point, you will earn the 'A Complete Set' achievement / trophy

Homestead Mission Guide

Build up the Davenport Homestead, and complete Encyclopedia of the Common Man. After each mission, wait a while for the character to appear at their home and target them for the Encyclopedia entry to complete An Extraordinary Man achievement or trophy.

1 - Homestead - Main quest

This is part of the main story quest. You can't miss it. You need to chase a guy down the river and save him. Optional task of not getting wet.

2 - Homestead Quest

Once you done the first quest, find the Homestead Mission marker and save the man being hung off the cliff. Once saved he will join your Homestead.

3 - Homestead Quest

Find the Homestead Mission marker. Go meet the wounded woman and bring her back to Achilles. She is the Huntress, Myriam.

4 - Homestead Quest - Burglary

You are told of a bulgular, chase him and catch him. Use the ropedart or a ranged weapon.

5 - Frontier Quest 1 - Abused

After taking a ship to the Frontier, find the Homestead Mission marker and save the man from the guards. He and his wife will then join your Homestead as farmers.

6 -Homestead Quest - Prudince's Primrose

Once you save the farmers in the Frontier, this quest will be available. Find and save Prudince. She also tells you info that is used in a later quest.

7 - Boston Quest - The Brawler

Go to Boston and find the Homestead Mission. Save the man from soldiers and he will join your Homstead as a Miner. This unlocks the next quest in Homestead region.

If you have completed the story, you may need to zoom out fully on the map to be able to fast travel to Boston.

8 - Homestead Quest - White Trophy

You must first do the Boston Quest for this one. Help track a rare cougar with the Huntress. The clues lead you to Norris, the miner.

9 - Homestead Quest - Room at the Inn

This is a simple quest, just give the guy some money...

10 - Homestead Quest - Manor Mysteries

Go to Achilles at the Manor house and follow him while he tells you what you need to find for him. Go to Norris and then go though the cave, and back to Achilles once you have found the chest.

11 - Homestead Quest - Norris Goes Courting

Norris wants help in courting Myriam. Prudence can help. Flowers and climbing are involved.

12 - Homestead Quest - Bowls

You need to play a game of Bowls. Rolls your balls as close to the red ball as you can. Closest wins. You do not need to win to complete the quest.

13 - Homestead Quest - Happy Expectations

Prudence and her husband need a doctor, so you need to go find one! Go to Boston by zooming out fully on the map and fast travelling. After helping the Doctor, he will come to your Homestead.

14 - Homestead Quest - Pig Herder

Once the Doctor has joined the Homstead, Prudence wants helps with pig herding. Herd them to the pen.

15 - Homestead Quest - Norris tries again

Norris is still after Myriam. Head over to her hunting camp and stay hidden. Learn what she relly wants. Find the broken knive and head back to Norris.

16 - Homestead Quest - Raw Materials

Norris wants to meet you at a mine, go there and protect him from waves of soldiers.

17 - Frontier Quest 2 - Deserter

After helping Norris in the mine, find the Mission and save Big Dave from execution. He will join your Homstead as a blacksmith.

18 - Homestead Quest - The Proper Tools

Big Dave needs some tools from New York. Go to NY and buy the two pieces of his new hammer from a store in NY. The items are under Citizen Mission Items.

19 - New York Quest - Cutting Ties

A crying girl at the Homestead Mission marker in NY needs your help. Once you save the Mother, she will come to your Homestead as a Tailor.

18 (part 2) - Homestead Quest - The Proper Tools

There is now a mission marker at Big Dave in the Homestead, simply talk with him after buying the tools to complete the mission.

20 - Homestead Quest - Silk Errand

Ellen, the tailor, forgot some things in her store. Go back to NY to recover them. Quite easy, go to NY and follow the green marker.

21 - Homestead Quest - Finding His Flock

Find the Priest at the Inn, he needs money to build his church. Simply hand over a grand and you're done!

This grants you the 'A Complete Set' achievement / trophy

22 - Homestead Quest - Get me a Doctor!

It's that time for Prudence. She needs a doctor. Go find Dr White.

23 - Homestead Quest - Tools of the trade

Your Woodworker, Lance, wants to get his tools from Boston, go there and meet him at his shop. (Why has it taken this long for him to want his tools?) Things don't go to plan when you get to his shop, though...

24 - Homestead Quest - Fool me once...

Norris is nervous about giving his love a gift. Help him overcome his nerves. Somehow this ends up with you hunting wolves, and stuff...

25 - Homestead Quest - The Final Straw

Trouble is brewing at Ellen's place. Go with the others to help protect from her ex-husband and his thugs.

26 - Homestead Quest - The Wedding

Myriam said yes to Norris. After you're told how Colonial weddings work, you will need to go find Myriam.

27 - Homestead Quest - Manor Mysteries

Achilles asks you to travel to New York to retrieve an old painting.

28 - Homestead Quest - Slander

Dr. White wants you to help him stop the smear campaign against him. You will be sent to Boston to meet with the courier. You will then go around bribing kids.

29 - Homestead Quest - Thousand-pound Idea

Lance asks you to enquire in New York about a missing package he ordered from France.

30 - Homestead Quest - An Eye For Trouble

Scouts have come looking for Big Dave. One was found at the inn, however one is making a run for it. This involves a foot and horse chase. The captured scout escapes.

31 - Homestead Quest - The Comeback

Since the scout escaped in 'An Eye For Trouble', you must now help Big Dave and the others protect from Redcoats.

32 - Homestead Quest - Wait Times

The Doctor is at the Homestead port, helping injured sailors. He needs help to treat them all, find Dianna and then help the injured sailors yourself.

33 - Homestead Quest - Legacy

Find Achilles in the Mannor, and follow the instructions.

34 - Homestead Quest - Achilles' Painting

The painting you retrieved in New York needs hanging. The quest starts in the manor.

Patent not Pending Achievement / Trophy

Once you have the Almanacs and Artisans required (you must complete the quests above to level them up) you can then craft the inventions.