The Royal Conservatory

Paintings and collectibles walkthrough

Mission 6 » « Mission 4


Powers: You will need supernatural powers to get to some collectibles and achievements / trophies.

Art collector: Paintings are in RED below.

Achievements / trophies: are in BLUE below.

Coins: You should search around as much as you can. A lot of items give you coin, which will be needed to buy runes and maps.

Mission 5 Walkthrough

This guide contains spoilers. Missable items:







Royal Spymaster Achievement / Trophy

"Perused all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Wale"

Every time you are on the Dreadful Wale, find every item to read or listen to.

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Heart Whispers Achievement / Trophy

If you haven't already got 40 secrets from 40 different people, use your heart while aiming at civillians and guards. There are a bunch at the start of this mission.

Safe combination: Condemned building

Combination: Random

Go to the Blackmarket dealer. They have the combination to the safe available to buy - it's worth it! Go find the condemned building (infested with Bloodfly) and go into it from the building across from it.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 1

Title: Ashworth Within An Existential Graph

In the same room as the safe in the Condemned building (infested with Bloodfly), above the desk.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 2

Title: Her Heart, I Bathed in Poison

Sneak around to the right of the entrance of the observatory. Down the stairs and into the "restricted area". Inside is a hound. Inside the Quartermasters room is a key to the Archive.

To gain access sneak out of the window to the left of this room, turn right and into the other window. On the wall is the key to the archive. Work your way through the basement area to where the two witches are. That gate by the table is the archive. Enter through the gate and Blink / Far Reach your way around to the back behind the fence.

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Oracular Echoes Achievement / Trophy

Go to the optional Oracular objective, with the lenses. Use the lever to the left (if facing the blocks) three times and listen to the voices.

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Dishonored 2 Guide Art Collector painting
Art Collector: Painting 3

Title: My Fires Burn within Breanna's Marrow

The far end of the building, top floor, in Curator Ashworth's office. Go up her stairs, and on the first landing is the painting.

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Collect runes and bonecharms

Collect the bonecharms and runes and go back to the boat to end the mission.

Mission 6 » « Mission 4
Runes 6
Outsider Shrines 1
Bonecharms 9
Coins 3868
Paintings 3
Blueprints 5
Devon the Electric Racer
Missions Art Collector

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