News: 260k.

1st Nov 2010

This Bioshock 2 guide has now had over a quater of a million visitors!

A new tracker guide is coming out soon! Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Guide.

News: 160k.

15 May 2010

This Bioshock 2 guide has hit the 160,000 visitor mark! That's 160k in under 4 months!

Update: All 129 Diaries Listed

10 Feb 2010

All 129 Audio Diaries in the game are now listed and video locations for 116 have been added. (Rest coming soon!)

Update: Maps and Diary count

10 Feb 2010

All the maps are now up! Currently there are 117 diaries on this guide. Apparently 11 are missing, but they will be added asap!

News: Bioshock 2 Audio Guide Tracker and Multiplayer Guide launched.

9 Feb 2010

'BS2G' is up and running! As it is in it's early days, the site will be improved and added to over the coming days. Please provide any feedback you have via the comments sections on most pages.

News: DrMong hard at work!

14 Jan 2010

DrMong's Bioshock 2 Guide is in development, to be ready following the game's launch on February 9th!

News: MLWGames » Bioshock2

12 Jan 2010

The decision to create a guide for Bioshock 2 has been made. Watch this space.