Bioshock 2 Audio Diary and Weapon Station location guide

Diary Locations: Siren Alley

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A Silent God

Just to your left as you enter the area


Central building of area, go up to top level and drop down hole in floor - on the counter

The Rumbler

In the toilet of the Mermaid Lounge.

Plasmid Shipment

Mermaid Lounge - near the slot machines.

Father to Fall

Mermaid Lounge, go upstairs and hack the gate, go in and drop down the hole

Lamb`s Salvation

To the left of the pump station door.

Father Simon Wales`

Go to The Pearl - once inside, go in the far left door, and it is on the desk

Double Standard

In the room next to the turret in The Pearl

Wales an` Wales

Top floor of The Pearl, on a desk in the room next to the security camera

The Date is the Code

On Daniel Wales's body

Bury Her Memory

When coming from the maintenance area, the door to your right - in there

Lamb`s Operation

Follow through a door being guarded by a turret, slightly hidden

The Pair Bond Mechanism

On some crates in the street leading up towards little sister orphanarium

The Requirements of Utopia

A walkway near the green grocers, walk down - it will be on top of some crates

An Empty Niche

In the green groceriers, basement room - button behind counter to open door

My Name is Elenor

In the little sister's orphanarium, back of the bedroom near the top

The Guidance of Lamb

Going towards Lamb's office, on the right of the door with alot of candles

Shackled to the Great Chain

Behind a hackable gate, heading away from Lamb's office

Therapy with Grace 2

Opposite the weapon upgrade station in a cabinet

The Creed of the Faithful

On Wales' alter

Weapon Upgrade Station 6

Siren Alley - In Mermaid Lounge, same as #54

Weapon Upgrade Station 7

Siren Alley - Just before pump station 5