Bioshock 2 Audio Diary and Weapon Station location guide

Diary Locations: Pauper's Drop

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Ryan vs Lamb: Religious Rights

In the small flower shop, at the back

Better Times with Lamb

On top of the roof of the Flower shop - climp up to the centre building

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Behind the Sinclair Hotel reception desk, left side

The End of the Line

At the back of the area with the pawn shop

Clinic Code at the Fishbowl

Right next to the combination lock

Therapy with Grace 1

In upstairs room near the previous diaries - in a bookcase

Camera in Hock

Just past the blue sheets, in an office in the upstairs area sitting on the desk


Next the the blue sheet shrine at vent - in the upstairs area

Blood and Lamb

At the back of the Pharmacy, though the back area and go though the hole in the wall - on the counter

Sunday Services

In the apartment overlooking the Market. Exit Limbo, head left, and take the stairs on the left continue until you find it next to a dead body

Pauper`s Drop

In the apartment above pharmacy in the Market.


On your way to skid row though tunnel, on the left next to a dead Rosie

Closing the Limbo Room

In the room behind the stage of the limbo club

A Gift from Lamb

When clearing the way into the hotel, take the right stairs and go into the apartment - the diary is in the bathroom

Profit Coming, Profit Going

Follow the stairs around from the blue sheet shrine, the diary is above the sheets

Where has Harry Gone?

After the blue sheet vent, go down long hallway, at the vending machine take the hole on your right - opposite the safe in bookcase

The Butterfly

Go into the area the brute came out of, head left into the dark room - on a table

What a Snap

When you see the security camera, top level, go right, follow the corridor to the end - it is on the floor


Under the bed in the pink bedroom

Failing Lamb

On the bed next to the wide window in the last apartment

Field Trial 1

Kill the Brute Splicer near the diner on the way out of Pauper's Drop and search the corpse. (Freezing him will make him unlootable!)

Weapon Upgrade Station 3

Pauper's Drop - In the area of diaries 39/40 - near blue sheet covered vent. Go inside the building with the HAMILTON neon sign, upstairs.

Weapon Upgrade Station 4

Pauper's Drop - In the back of skid row, in the Limbo Room club, behind the stage and in one of the side rooms

Weapon Upgrade Station 5

Pauper's Drop - after breaking into hotel area, near (but in opposite direction to) the blue sheet vent. Access via corridor with turret